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lysine maintenance dose?


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I was just diagnosed with genital herpes yesterday. I am beyond devastated and could use some words of encouragement, if anyone has any (I posted under the "personal experiences" section yesterday).

I've done some research since Wednesday (the day of my culture) and now and am wondering what dose of lysine people here take as a maintenance dose? Also, are any particular brands better? Being that there is no regulation of herbal medicines, I want to buy a brand that it legitimate with minimal to no fillers, chemicals, etc. I bought garlic pills and vitamin E today and took my multi-vit and vit C this morning. I didn't get any prescription Rx yet because the doctor was out yesterday and hasn't seen the results...the office nurse told me to call on Monday to speak with the doc regarding treatment.

Any suggestions? Any answers? Thanks

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i'm sorry to hear your news. although i do not quite have the same as you (i have hsv1 oral) i can relate to your devastation. when i got my first outbreak it was all over my face. my story is pretty much here. in regards to my doses, i am currently taking 3 caps of olive leaf extract (20% oleuropein) 500Mg of Lysine 500 Vit. C and Centrum daily. I started this relatively recently. I have not had an outbreak in about a month and a half. I have read of some long term effects for taking lysine daily, so you should look into that. i promise things will get better. you will learn to deal with this thing and at least keep it in check so no outbreaks take place. I believe a cure will be found. Some people claim to have been cured using hyperbaric therapy and other methods. who knows... in the mean time, you can learn on how to keep it outbreak-free. Hope this help. Cheer up. things will get better.

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Hello rnmichelle

This is my maintenance dose- I take 2000mg of l-lysine (Solgar brand-there's so many to choose from!) 1000mg of Vit C w/rose hips, same brand and 1 beta carotene softgel (store brand). I don't know how much it helps but I haven't had an OB in 5 months ( knock on wood :)

I was dx'd a little over a year ago and have had 4 obs total (KOW) sorry i'm superstitious. I also have Valtrex handy for when I do get an ob, I take 500mg 2x/day for 3 days and they clear up fairly quickly. My ob's have usually been around the time of my period. I take my maintenance dose ( i like that term :wink: ) religiously. Chin up things WILL get better.

Theres lots of support right here on this forum which is what you need right now, it can be tough in the beginning. It helps to read the not so horror stories-

Heres a HUG-be well

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Thanks lapetit and fightingback for sharing your info and your kind words. I plan on buying some lysine tomorrow, and hearing from my doctor regarding an antiviral.

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Re: Lysine Maintenance Dose and other remedies...


I was diagnosed just a couple of days after you were...I know what you mean about being devastated. I took Olive Leaf Extract internally (2-3 capsules, 3-5 x's per day for a full week) and applied coconut oil to the lesions. My symptoms cleared up within just a couple of days and the coconut oil was amazing on my skin (I had read several years ago that it has antiviral properties and gave it a try out of desperation, but it really worked and was very soothing)

I'm not sure about Lysine doses, although I'm looking into that myself. Oh, and as for the Olive leaf extract, I found out about that years ago when I was getting a lot of canker sores/cold sores in my mouth and had astounding results (especially considering I'd been going to the doctor for years trying to get any relief and finding precious little).

Anyway, those are my suggestions, but I'd certainly love to hear of any other remedies that have worked for others.

wishing you all health and wellness

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