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Urine Tract Infection, pain all the time?

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Two months ago I found ulcer in my genital area that hurt and got a scar. The doctor took a test, but it came out negative. He was still sure it is herpes as the look of it was very typical. He has also taken a lot of other std tests that all seem to be negative.

Right after the sore was gone I got an Urinal Tract Infection and was put on antibiotics. The test on UTI is now negative but the pain remains. It feels like an UTI but it hurts not only when I go to the toilet, it hurts all the time! I also have itching and pain in my entire genital area, including inside vagina all the time. I can hardly walk sometimes. I get nauseous because of the pain, I can not eat and I have lost 5 kgs in the last month and I can not sleep because of the pain.

Anyone with the same symptoms? Are there any ways to treat it? I have tried Famivir and Valtrex and it does not seem to take it. Do you think the symptoms are because of herpes or could it be something else? I really hope someone can help me as I am pretty desperate at the moment.

Thank you so much for reply!

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The constant itching/burning/pain sounds like what I was dealing with. Have you been tested for bacterial vaginosis, strep B and yeast infections? I was diagnosed with BV, was given a ten day course of Flagyl and it cleared it up -- my itching, burning, soreness and random disappearing rashes are gone.

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Hi, thank you so much for you reply! :)

I have now been taking more tests. I have not received any results yet, but because I have been in so much pain, the doctor wanted to try a medication that is working against some kind of infection in the urine system (Not Uti).

The medication is called Doxylin and works against bacterias. It is for instance the same medication they use against Chlamydia.

I have only been on the medication for one day, but I think I feel that the pain is somewhat letting go. And some of the the itching and burning in the genital area too, at least I think. But I am so afraid to get my hopes up. The doc gave me a cure for 3 days, but I fear it is not enough. Do you know if this is something you treat only once or may it keep coming back?

I am a bit confused, because I still had a blister, which as far as I know is not caused by bacterias. And now I think I am getting a blister in my mouth too. So my most reasonable explanation is that I must have gotten both the bacteria and herpes at the same time. Well, guess I just have to wait and see what comes up.

Anyway, thank you so much for your reply! I am so glad I found this website. The last months I have been so depressed and I was almost giving up on everything. Now, I have at least had one day with a little less pain. That is definitely something to treasure and enjoy.

Thank you!

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I can't offer much advice because I'm newly diagnosed (2 hours ago!) but I'm a long term sufferer of cystitis too. Everything I have read has mentioned pain when urinating due to it touching the sores, however the pain I feel when I go to the loo is much more like cystitis - deep inside, as if it's within the bladder. I'm going to mention it at the hospital tonight and will report back if anything of use is said :)

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • blurneworder
      Breakouts meaning zits? My mouth is also red, especially on the edges. I keep getting zits around my mouth and my top lip is constantly chapped. i too am starting to get the nerve pain in the butt. i also have redness on the penis and white peeing skin. what else could affect those areas other than herpes? What coincidentally affects the mouth, penis, and anus after sex that is not herpes?
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      Hey Littleoscar,   Welcome. Did you just decide to completely avoid the search? Was it a mental block, the severity of the symptoms, or some combination?
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      My boyfriend at the time had a sore on his groin that looked like an ingrown hair. He slept with a girl who got hsv2 from another guy. The other guy has only had the one outbreak like me. The girl just recently had her second outbreak. I got bloodwork done about a month and half after the sore appeared. This guy I just disclosed to, how do I fix this?
    • Joey1987
      Awesome! So glad to hear it. If this protocol from Biogetica fails, that is going to be my next option. SO far Im on my second month with no OBs and no antivirals, which is huge for me. I also dont like to use the word "cured" but its definitely helping!
    • Joey1987
      Well I have received their protocol for the last 2 months, wired them money via paypal, and they have always sent me the products. And Im on my second month no OBs and no antivirals....so something is obviously working. Did it "cure me? I doubt it. But it has definitely helped!

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