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No expert but i can help with results...

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I was recently diagnosed with H1 and H2. When I first learned of this, I went through a range of emotions and then I tried to figure out life with this infection. But then I decided to start researching....I'm so glad I did!!!

I have now learned how to decipher my own results. I'm no expert but it is quite simple. I've learned that the IGG antibody test is useless and that you should ONLY be getting a TYPE SPECIFIC IGG test done. You should have results for Herpes Simplex Type 1 IGG AND Herpes Simplex Type 2 IGG individually!!!!!

I've also learned that if your test is for Herpes Simplex Type 2 is below 3.5...you should be retested. Now, I am not saying they are wrong but it is considered to be a low positive and should be retested. I have also learned that there are two test that are recommended when you retest: BioKitUsa and a WesternBlot. The BiokitUsa may not be provided at your current physician BUT you can call them and they will give you the names to those who do. Also, the WesternBlot (which is highly regarded) is offered through the University of Washington. BUT you can send your sample to them or have it ordered through CERTAIN labs. Sounds strange but it is true. Retesting has been recommended to me to be done 3-4 months after my last sexual encounter.

Let me post my results:




I am of course positive for both from my results. But my H2 results are below the 3.5 and it is recommended to be retested. It could go either way when I am retested but it worth doing for me and anyone else.

Also, there are a lot of doctors who continue to do the IGM combined test. They may receive a test result that says POSITIVE. But what is the person actually positive for, if it wasn't a type specific test??? Could be H1 or H2. All test should be type specific. Ask to see copies of your test!!! It is your right!!!!

I have found all this information and more at: www.ashastd.org under the STI messageboards/forums and Herpes Topic.

Let me finally say, that I am not trying to deliver false hope. I just want people to realize that there things out there we don't know! And it could either help you to accept and understand or not have to deal with it all together.


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know9, you realize that the Western Blot while "gold standard" is still only 98% accurate?

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Thanks for the response!

Not test is 100% and that is simply because of how it is performed. It takes into account all kinds of variables from contamination, plain error, etc., Heck, my birth control is 99% effective and I DON'T WANT ANYMORE CHILDREN!!!! I'm so serious about that statement. But I still continue to take something that isn't 100% and trust it. Go figure =)

I'm a 29 year old mother of one and school teacher by day. I can't allow myself to get caught up in percentages. I'm just glad someone informed me. The HerpeSelect isn't 100% accurate itself but I still took it. I had a surgery in August to remove a tumor. My doctor kept saying there is a 50% chance it will grow back and more complications. Guess what?? I still had it and I've had no trouble yet!!! Yay!

Herpes is no walk in the park but I'm glad it want kill me. I already know something that will. The WesternBlot may be able to help somebody's peace of mind. I always tell my students...if you doubt something, question it.

I'm glad someone told me about the BioKit and the WesternBlot. Heck, I'm glad someone told me about their false positive and that it came back negative. It just goes to show that science isn't perfect. I want people to be informed and ask for the correct test!!!!! Be Specific. Ask for a copy. Question. Retest if you want. Don't get an IGM and surely not a combined result. Let's inform and beat this ugly stigma and learn to live with it if we have to...not because someone said we had it over the phone =)

Blessings!!!!! Happy New Year

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    • 2kroc
      Yes, just have sex wearing clothes and a condom, also don't kiss. No disclosure needed.
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      Have sex  with at least one of you wearing clothes + a condom  next time, if you really want to protect him.
    • 2kroc
      All negative, Except for hepatitis B which is something you're vaccinated (They give you antibodies) against in the military. Before, I go through the trouble of re cropping another damn picture for you. I'd like to ask what your response will be if I show you the results and they're all negative?
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      Universities receive most of their  funding from Pharma companies. Scientific studies aren't cheap, Pharmaceutical companies aren't going to fund research on food supplements when there's no pay off for them. It's naive to  think big businesses would fund research that'd directly decrease profit.  Then there's the possibility of the pharmaceutical companies bribing the government agencies from genuine health research, to keep themselves in business. https://thevaccinereaction.org/2018/04/big-pharma-pays-universities-for-most-medical-research-in-u-s-today/   Also, No one outside of the research community has the resources/contacts to prove they're cured. Even if they scored a negative on a western blot test/IGg, scrutinizers would just claim the virus was dormant or they never had it at all. Other than blood test, There is no easily accessible method to determine whether or not the virus is completely eradicated from your body.
    • WilsoInAus
      @2kroc where are the results of the three preceding tests?

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