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Interesting GHSV1 Number

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Hello all - first time post on any message board...ever (yeah!).

I have recently acquired GHSV1 via oral sex and I, like most here, am on a mission to get my head around this thing both from an epidemiological and biochemical perspective. Anyway, I was somewhat disheartened to find relatively little GHSV1 specific statistics out there with respect to transmission and asymptotic shedding. There is a bit - I believe I have read most of the pertinent US studies - but they really just brought up more questions than answers. So in an attempt to get just a bit more direction I culled through most of the archived posts both here and at HHP (search words 'HSV1' and 'HSV-1' only) to try and get a better idea as to how exactly people are getting infected with GHSV1. The result is not likely to be a huge surprise, but I found it a bit more comforting seeing as how infecting others is my primary concern.

1) ~92-93% (n=82) of all cases were transmitted via oral to genital.

2) Of those cases that were passed genital to genital, ~85% were passed within the first month after infection (typically before they had their primary OB diagnosed).

3) As for the remaining 15% of genital to genital transmissions, the majority seemed to have been passed around the same time as symptoms were present but it was difficult to be sure on a few of these. There was one case, however, where gen to gen transmission occurred asymptotically with condom use. I am suspect about this one (it is obviously not impossible though), but I threw it in there anyway.

4) There was very little info with respect to genital -> oral transmission.

This is, in no way, a proper scientific study (perhaps just representative of message board posters), but I thought it was interesting. I am totally guessing here, but these number might just reflect the fact that initial OBs of GHSV1 tend to be a bit more painful than those for GHSV2 and so the carries are generally more aware/cautious but......who knows.

If anyone knows of a proper study that addresses this question please let me know.

* BTW, I controlled for double posts (by this i mean the same poster on both boards) and left out anyone that was at all unsure of how infection occurred.

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Wow, that is a helluva effort. Thanks for taking the time to do this.

Your findings seem to concur with the general info out there that most GHSV-1 is caused by oral --> genital contact. And that GHSV-1 is most contagious to others genitally during the primary OB.

I imagine we will be learning much more about GHSV-1 over the coming years, as it is spreading relatively rapidly.

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    • Voyager2
      I certainly hope this research continues. It all seems legit to me, but again, I'm no medical man (although I did play doctor a few times).   
    • here-to-help
      This is good information to know. To go from continuous outbreaks to none all this time is encouraging. I wonder if after you've given it some time and this regimen proves itself, maybe you could title it, and type it for everyone to read. The more suggestions, the better! You mentioned you've suffered with Herpes I outbreaks. I have suffered with the type II, and I recently read that Lysine doesn't help with the type II. I don't know about that, because it really has helped me in years past. Anyway, by mentioning in your article that you have type I will help, because apparently something might work for type I that won't work for type II. I myself will get these products and add them to my daily garlic regimen, and perhaps I will be able to eat whatever I choose without triggering an outbreak. That's my big problem, wanting to eat the foods that trigger the outbreak!
    • RNY18
      “..Meanwhile, the present study suggests LDXGFG as an alternative, inexpensive, and lasting-effect medicine for curing HSV2 infection caused genital herpes....” Anyone  seen any further research on this ?
    • Skrillah80
      Let me know how it all works out.. 
    • Miss Horne
      https://m.facebook.com/CopperRibbonHsv12Awareness @MikeHerp

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