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New member...could I have herpes? Please help!!

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Hi all. I just signed up with this site because I'm freaking out that I might have oral herpes.

About a week ago, I uh, had an intimate run-in with a good friend of mine (we used protection and all that).

Two days ago I started having gum soreness in the very back of my mouth, and as of yesterday, I've been having a fever on and off and my throat is sore and very swollen. My cheeks are a tiny bit swollen as well and my body has got some slight aches, which for me usually accompany a fever.

I also have a strange thing near the top of my upper lip. Now I read that usually the flu-like symptoms and the sores don't occur together, is that true?

It doesn't really look like the pictures I've seen of cold sores. At first it started out as a little pink pimple-like thing, and turned into this:


It's not particularly painful and its pretty dry. Initially I didn't think much of it because my entire chin area broke out and was pretty chapped due to cold weather, but now I'm worried since it is occurring at the same time as my other symptoms.

Someone told me that the other symptoms could be due to my Wisdom Teeth growing in (which they are) because the gum soreness is only really around the area that my wisdom teeth are.

But still...that thing above my lip is freaking me out. Please help, any advice is much appreciated.

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Ultra Violet

Looks like a coldsore to me.

I also have a strange thing near the top of my upper lip. Now I read that usually the flu-like symptoms and the sores don't occur together, is that true?

No I think that is incorrect. I had flu-like symptoms at the same time as my first outbreak and from my reading, it's common for adults to get flu-like symptoms with an initial outbreak.

Get a swap taken by your doctor and get some zovirax cream or similar, which will help fight the virus. I and others have had good results from using alcohol (methylated spirits, or hand sanitiser) on the sore to dry it out and speed healing.

All the best.

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Thank you Ultra Violet for your input! (Great avatar, btw). I'm not at home right now, so I'm trying to find a doctor nearby that will accept my insurance. Do you think it would be ok if I waited a week until I was back in my area to get the sore checked out?

I've started using Abreva, hopefully that will help.

Also, my mom just informed me that she thinks I used to get cold sores when I was little, but this is the first time that I've had anything like it in my memory. Is it possible that maybe there is something else that caused the cold sore to suddenly pop up? She said, too, that apparently my dad used to get cold sores a lot when they were married.

Ugh...I'm so overwhelmed... I can't wait to get to a doctor and figure out what the heck is going on @_@

Thanks again for all the help!

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      I’m in Harlem! 👋🏾
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      The ashwagandha is good for thyroid health. I am not familiar with the rest. That is not a list I would put together!
    • WilsoInAus
      Hey @moonperson it is not likely that you have given a genital HSV-2 infection to 3 of your friends or your boyfriend from any of the activities that you describe. I'm sure this is all fine. How did your new diagnosis come about?
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      Me too, me too, I hope you can reach you desired level of health... I just think it isn't fully fair in a way to imply that your unfortunate issues are caused by herpes when there is virtually no chance that they are.
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      Hello y’all, im newly diagnosed with herpes simplex 2 and I’ve given it to 3 of my friends and boyfriend. It migrated from my genitals to my mouth and I smoked weed with my friends via pipe without understanding my infection fully. Then my boyfriend told me it’s okay to kiss and give him head cuz he loves me anyway. He’s not a big chaser or nothing, he’s just dumb. I’m living in constant anxiety and a tumultuous emotional state—just seeing if anyone has similar experiences and tips/tricks you may have picked up on the way leaving with herpes, either strain. Honestly, I’m just needing some support, even if herpes is “common” and “manageable”, it has been a heavy heavy weight on my mind.
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