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Woke up with this on scrotum- cropped pic

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I woke up with this on my scrotum today, can anybody identify this as a herpe? It seems to be sore and slightly itchy. It almost looked like a white head earlier, but these pics with the camera make it look more like a fluid filled blister to me. I rode my bike for about 1.5hrs yesterday. I am going to the dermatologist tomorrow for a swab or visual identification. I have already had negative blood tests come back. 2 months ago I had a big nickel sized grayish sore on my buttock that went away in 2 days, but left a scar. Had oral from someone with type one. Any opinions appreciated. Thanks.


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You need to go in and get it swabbed, like you said that you were. And maybe get another blood test.

Might be herpetic in nature, some people's outbreaks do look like that.

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Doc told me it was ingrown hair!

Well, I was sure surprised to find out this itchy skin colored bump on my scrotum was an ingrown hair! Then, I showed her the scar from the big grayish thing I had on my ass 2 months ago(now it's only a little red dot with a light round scar around it) and she tells me that was an ingrown hair as well!

But what really doesn't make any sense is that she looked below the now healed big grayish bump that's now a little red dot and said she noticed some classic herpetic scarring. What???...I never had any symptoms below the big grayish bump! No itching, no bump, no rash, no nothing! So was she making this diagnosis up because she had told me before verbally that this big grayish lump was herpes? I stared at my ass for 10 minutes like it was Jessica Biels and I didn't see any scarring whatsoever! What was she talking about??

The most frusterating thing about this virus is not knowing if you have it. And not being able to find out if you do! Or do not!

Now, apparently, my situation is...I haven't had any breakouts but my igM results were equivacal. I had a big grayish lump that the dermotologist told me was an ingrown hair and a bump on my sack which she also said was an ingrown hair.

I am glad I don't have any 100 conclusive evidence that I have it yet, but geesh this fucking roller coaster won't end.

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Hey jonneynocs,

I know you've been through hell these past months and I tried to check your other posts to find out which test you have had. You state above that the equivocal results were through an IgM test and in another post you say you were tested for HSV2 so I am unclear if that was an IgG.

I think you should try testing again and be sure to request the IgG Type Specific Antibody test for HSV1 and HSV2 and see what the results are. If you are going by an IgM test this could be completely unreliable.

Best of luck to you babe and let us know what you decide to do.

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      Your penis looks similar to mine...please update if you ever figure out what this is.
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