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PowderMed HSV2 Therapeutic Vaccine Unsuccessful in Phase I

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I wrote to Pfizer (which bought PowderMed) inquiring about their HSV2 vaccine a few weeks ago and received the following reply from a member of the Vaccines Research Unit:

The PowderMed HSV2 vaccine has completed PhI clinical trials for the treatment of genital herpes infections. The immune responses obtained from vaccinating healthy volunteers did not produce immune responses of sufficient magnitude to progress into PhII. We continue to work on improving the DNA vaccine technology and envisage its application to a genital herpes vaccine once this has been achieved. Like you, we recognize the importance of a genital herpes vaccine and are exploring alternative antigen delivery technologies in parallel to the PowderMed technology to improve the likelihood of success.

Thank you again for your enquiry.

Very sad but it seems like they're still working on HSV-2.

For those interested, here was the 2004 press release: http://www.powdermed.com/pdf/HSV2_and_HIV_Therapeutic_Vaccines_enter_the_clinic_12_October_2004.pdf

and also an article:


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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • 2kroc
      Yes, just have sex wearing clothes and a condom, also don't kiss. No disclosure needed.
    • 2kroc
      Have sex  with at least one of you wearing clothes + a condom  next time, if you really want to protect him.
    • 2kroc
      All negative, Except for hepatitis B which is something you're vaccinated (They give you antibodies) against in the military. Before, I go through the trouble of re cropping another damn picture for you. I'd like to ask what your response will be if I show you the results and they're all negative?
    • 2kroc
      Universities receive most of their  funding from Pharma companies. Scientific studies aren't cheap, Pharmaceutical companies aren't going to fund research on food supplements when there's no pay off for them. It's naive to  think big businesses would fund research that'd directly decrease profit.  Then there's the possibility of the pharmaceutical companies bribing the government agencies from genuine health research, to keep themselves in business. https://thevaccinereaction.org/2018/04/big-pharma-pays-universities-for-most-medical-research-in-u-s-today/   Also, No one outside of the research community has the resources/contacts to prove they're cured. Even if they scored a negative on a western blot test/IGg, scrutinizers would just claim the virus was dormant or they never had it at all. Other than blood test, There is no easily accessible method to determine whether or not the virus is completely eradicated from your body.
    • WilsoInAus
      @2kroc where are the results of the three preceding tests?

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