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Long OB & Flu shot

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I've posted on this before, but it's still going on, so I need some more insight!

Quick summary: I had this whole thing pretty much under control. Every 10-12 weeks I would have a torn area that healed within 5 days with meds. I got a flu shot on December 6th, and nothing has been the same since. I've never had blistering, now I do. It hasn't lasted more than 5 days since the primary, this time it's been 5 weeks. I saw my doc, and he started me on supressive a week ago, but there is still one there. I'm going crazy. :( I know my boyfriend loves me and all, but I can't leave him hanging forever! I can handle the H thing. It's not painful. I am so worried that it's going to end my relationship! :( I know, I know, if it does, he isn't the kind of guy I want. But damn, enough already! FIVE WEEKS??? Help!

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