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Herbs, Vitamins, and Meds, oh my!

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Hey guys. I recently tested positive for HSV-2. I don't have OBs, or if I do they are very mild, but since I am in a relationship I want to do an all natural herbal/whatever suppression routine. I have done a lot of reading and I was curious to see if anyone else has tried any of the following:

Monolaurin (here's info if you're interested http://www.heranswer.com/monolaurin.asp)

Pau d'arco (here's info if you're interested http://www.paudarco.org/virus.php)

Licorice Root (interesting article http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2005/03/050309100852.htm)

Prunella Vulgaris (here's info if you're interested http://altnature.com/herpesnaturalcure.htm)

I originally was gung-ho about lysine, but I read somewhere that it actually supresses the immune system after prolonged use. I'm also taking echinacea and vitamin C for an extra immune boost.

Anywhoo, if you've tried any of the above I'd love to hear about your experience!

Much Love. L

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i use prunella and i am very happy with the results.

i add an ounce of dried prunella to two and one half cups of boiling water every morning and jar it in the evening and take the jar everywhere i go for the night. ive also marked the jar in half cup measurements to make the dosage easier.

how i make it: as soon as the water boils, i turn off the heat and stir-in the prunella and let that sit till around 5pm. i strain it through some cheese cloth, squeezing as much out of the soaked herb as possible; i pour it into a jar and then take a one-half cup dose every two hours.

its not a miracle; i have had two outbreaks in the year i have been taking prunella but they were very mild and passed over very quickly.

i have also noticed that if and when i get a cold it also passes very quickly in comparison to what my flatmate goes through with the same cold and not taking prunella.

i order my [dried] prunella from mountain rose herbs and i got some seeds from the same company so now i also grow my own. i live in houston, texas so i can virtually grow the herb all year long.

as i said im very happy with the herb and i recommend it to everyone for both herpes and as a general immune booster.

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Thanks for your response. I've been debating whether or not to try herbs, and if so, which ones to try (there are so many!) - but I think I might try prunella. Do you know if it comes in pill form, and if it does, is it less effective than the dried variety?

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Please try the Oil of Oregano!!! Look up my post on this. I just can't believe my results. I have also tried Prunella in my daily shakes but the kind I got Instant Prunella a chinese herb mix tastes so bad I can barely swallow it so I wouldn't suggest buying that brand if you were considering using it.



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Hi there,

I am trying herbal remedies at the moment too. I have strange reactions with herbs taken internally so am very cautious. Today I made a paste of manuka honey and a capsule of goldenseal and spread it down below. I'll let you know how this goes. I guess you could do the same with aloe vera or live yogurt, or even add echinacea and maybe olive leaf to it.

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    • Voyager2
      I certainly hope this research continues. It all seems legit to me, but again, I'm no medical man (although I did play doctor a few times).   
    • here-to-help
      This is good information to know. To go from continuous outbreaks to none all this time is encouraging. I wonder if after you've given it some time and this regimen proves itself, maybe you could title it, and type it for everyone to read. The more suggestions, the better! You mentioned you've suffered with Herpes I outbreaks. I have suffered with the type II, and I recently read that Lysine doesn't help with the type II. I don't know about that, because it really has helped me in years past. Anyway, by mentioning in your article that you have type I will help, because apparently something might work for type I that won't work for type II. I myself will get these products and add them to my daily garlic regimen, and perhaps I will be able to eat whatever I choose without triggering an outbreak. That's my big problem, wanting to eat the foods that trigger the outbreak!
    • RNY18
      “..Meanwhile, the present study suggests LDXGFG as an alternative, inexpensive, and lasting-effect medicine for curing HSV2 infection caused genital herpes....” Anyone  seen any further research on this ?
    • Skrillah80
      Let me know how it all works out.. 
    • Miss Horne
      https://m.facebook.com/CopperRibbonHsv12Awareness @MikeHerp

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