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Constantly red and burning

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Since my inital outbreak healed about 4 months ago, I have had constant redness and burning in the same place, at the base of my penis (I caught HSV-2 wearing a condom). This tends to be worse under stress and better when not under stress, but has not gone away altogether.

Could this possibly go on forever? What is likely to happen? I tried Acyclovir and Lysine but to no avail.

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any guys that can give any advice to kyle out there?

Kyle, I'm a girl, but get where you're coming from. I was first diagnosed with HSV last year, but during the first few OB's (I get them around every 1-2months), I was still very itchy, red & sore around my genital area for quite some time ever after the OB subsided. Eventually it went away on it's own. I suffer from eczema as well, so any OB, it generally takes a little longer for my skin to heal & feel 'back to normal again'.

I am not sure how different the skin is around the base of the penis compared to that of the female labia, but I find that using Amolin cream (anything with a zinc oxide/calomine lotion ingredient) over the area helps, so it might just help you too.

It wouldn't hurt just going to the doctor too though to eliminate any other causes like a fungal/bacterial infections. The pubic hair around the base of the penis may be aggrivating your skin there too...

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This is what I know for sure about herpes (regardless of female or male). Herpes is not a constant 365 days of genital horrors and pain. I have spoken to a nurse that explained to me that it is NOT normal to be suffering everyday. If you are, you should visit your doctor immediately. It could be something else that has nothing to do with herpes.

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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