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First Outbreak Symptoms...do I wait it out?

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So after my initial breakdown on this site, I now can formulate more questions. There are several so please bear with me...

1) Did anyone else experience flu like symptoms and swollen glands as part of their first outbreak? My throat hurts so badly I can barely swallow. Which sucks because I am drinking tons of liquids to keep my urine diluted. I was wondering how long those symptoms lasted for you. Like do they go away when the outbreak does or should I be taking something for it?

2) I can't tell which is causing me more pain right now. The bumps themselves or the areas that have become raw where I was previously treated for HPV. Whatever the case, I've been having crazy amounts of discharge (this is all so disgusting..sorry) and it burns like hell. Since my doctor never called me back I am guessing it's not candida and is just associated with the herpes. But how am I supposed to treat it? Will that just go away too?

3) I don't really know who infected me..but if it's who I'm thinking it was, I also gave him oral sex. Is it possible to get infected with oral and genital herpes at the same time? And if so, would they manifest at the same time as well? I really would hate to have cold sores on top of what's going on "downtown".

Thanks so much for any insight. I suppose I should be asking my doctor this but she's worthless. I really need to find a new one that has some experience with this (I think I must be her most problem patient :rolleyes:).

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores


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