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Brand new here, but have an idea..and some news

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Hi everyone,

I am new here. I have suffered from Herpes for years.

I have gone through the whole Valtrex thing and honestly I didn't feel good about taking that medication everyday.

I looked for years and finally came upon a REAL natural treatment and prevention. It has been working for me very well.

I was having outbreaks twice a month for as long as I can remember. I tried a product made locally here in Austin called FRIA. It is all natural, contains pharmacy grad L Lysine but also has a blend of herbs that prevent outbreaks.

I have had good luck with it and while I am not outbreak free, the FRIA has been knocking out my symptoms quickly when taken twice a day once I feel an outbreak coming on.

I am taking FRIA now as a daily prevention, one in the morning and one at night and have decreased my outbreaks to nearly none.

I know that everyone has different symptoms, but I thought I might bring this up and say hello as a new poster..

The site for the FRIA people is www.iknowfria.com

They are apparently launching a big awareness campaign and one of their goals is to demystify and remove some of the stigmas associated with the Herpes Virus and to educate the public a bit more.

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Someone else brought this up here somewhere in the last few days, and said good things about it as well. I checked out the site and it looks pretty interesting. Perhaps I will try it out if I ever have any big problems in the future.

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