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New some opinion on a new symptom

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I had sex with my g/f and I knew she had HSVII. She was upfront and honest and I truly care about her. However, I am worried that I contracted. She is on valtrex as a daily suppresent and we have only had sex 3 times in 3 days. One of which was unprotected. I have had the "flu like" symptoms but they seemed to onset too fast to be from the herpies virus. I developed them within 15 hours and I have been told that is unlikley to already have been the virus (plus she was feeling ill with the same bug, so we think that is unrelated) Also, I never got a sore throat and I don't believe I ever had any fever. Just fatigued and nauxious. Anyway, the symptom that I am concerned about is an anal raw spot. No edema. No bumps. Doesn't really itch. Just looks red, like the skin is gone. Slightly smaller than a quater. We did not do any anal penetration stuff. Now I must tell you that I have chronic problems with fishers and spastic colon problems so I have had sores similar to this in the past. I guess I am asking, if it were herpes related, would it have edema? Or pustules? or would it hurt, or itch?

Any advise would be apprectiated. I am goning to get tested but figure I will wait until the 2 month mark so the blood will show the valid results.

Thanks in advance,


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Well a swab test will tell you definitively whether you have HSV2 or not if it hasn't healed over but there can be quite a few false negatives on those. So that's really all you can do at this point.

"Anal" herpes has nothing to do with anal sex. Once you're infected in the genital area the virus can manifest itself anywhere in the boxer shorts area. Everyone's outbreaks seem to manifest themselves differently, there's not one "set" oubtreak/symptoms that everyone gets.

That said, if she's on Valtrex, there's a paltry 2% chance over the course of a year that she could infect you. Over the course of having sex three times, those chances are absolutely miniscule.

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