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God forgive me!!!


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oh,Lord i can't believe what i've done!!

about 6 years ago a girl i slept with once(without protection what an asshole i am!!!)came to me and said she got hsv.i had never had any symptoms and i didn't belive her.i shrugged her off.the very next girl was my last i have been with her for 6 years with no problem.after sex the other day,i noticed i had a small cut which i thought was from long sex.it was a tiny abrasion.

two days ago she got real sick and brokeout on her vagina.I KNEW INSTANTLY!she is going to get checked up tommorrow,BUT I KNOW!

i want to kill myself.How could i do this to the girl i love?

i am so negligent.I want to kill myself!i would cut my penis off if would spare her!

i just need to say this.Thank you

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i kno how you feel.

..i've had herpes for a year. and because i havent had an outbreak for awhile it shouldnt be a problem. i was also in denial that i shoudlnt have have this diseas but regardless i have been having unprotected sex with my now boyfriend for ab a month now. without telling him. the other night..we went on vaca. together and all of sudden he came to me and said he has bumps on his penis and is really scared. my stomache sank. i had to tell him. at first i jus brushed it off and he got mad that i wasnt bein supportive but what he didnt kno is that i was puking in the bathroom bc i was so discusted with myself. so i broke down and cried to him and told him i hated myself for what i had done. and he just looked at me and made a joke saying "hey, i hope i have it, so we never have to worry again, i love you and this little thing is never gonna keep us apart". the bumps did go away but he still is goin to get checked. What i'm tryin to say is. i kno you feel guilty. and i know you feel as though you have ruined this girls' life but you havent. yes if you had worn a condom you could have saved her pain..but shit happens. jsut make her understand. if she loves you she'll stick by you. just remember theres nothin you can do about it now, just learn from it. i gope i could help you.

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