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yellow puss?


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Does herpes have yellow puss come out of it if you pick off a scab? Or is it more likely that i've infected something from touching it so much

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Pus is the result of an infection, which from reading your previous post about repeatedly picking the scabs, you've created a great environment for an infection. A scab is a protective barrier, and with you ripping that off again and again (esp. in the region nearby waste products - bunches of bacteria), you're practically putting a welcome mat out for bacteria down there. What you have now is an infection of some sort, whether or not it started out as herpes...you'd still need to see a doctor, explain what's been going on with you and get a culture done.

PLEASE stop picking! (and I hope you've been washing your hands, before and after - you don't want to add any more germs down there, nor do you want to spread them elsewhere on your bod :) )

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