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What do you guys think it is

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Hi everyone I'm new to the forum. Well here is my story: I had a wild weekend of passion with my gf only becuase we haven't seen each other in such a long time. We were sweating alot and we had sex alot of times. Well anywho I noticed later that I had patches of little red bumps along my groin and I had 3 little red bumps on my penis. We stopped having sex after that point and with in 2 days all the bumps had dissappeared except for one on my penis. I tried popping it and nothing came out but I noticed that it was bigger today so I squeezed it and puss came out along with some blood and clear liquid. I went to my doctor and he looked at it and said not to worry at all and that it was and that it was sweat that probably caused it but he tested me out anyways. It's only happened once before maybe 2 months ago same type situation with the sex but there was only bumps on my upper groin along my pubic hair line that went away in a couple of day. Anywho do you think there's anything to worry about?

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    • agamemnus
      @TCBH Admedus is developing a vaccine based on a live attenuated virus. Genocea is much closer to a product than anyone else, with its sub-unit vaccine currently in P2B trials. As far as I have read, sub-unit vaccines have two advantages over live attenuated viruses: 1) The advantage of safety -- there is no chance that sub-unit vaccines can somehow mutate. 2) The advantage of cost of production. Theoretically, they are much, much, much cheaper to mass-produce. Genocea has a product launch slated for 2020. That is far away. However, Genocea has stated that they will enroll a very large number of people for its Phase 3 trial. It is set to begin enrolling in mid-2017.
    • @lw@ys
      When you are new to the infection there is hope in every nook and cranny that you may be the lucky one to overcome this with one of these so called cures. If you/her are lucky you may be able to manage the virus through good living but nothing short of an actual working vaccine will stop this virus.
    • hitkid
      The majority of people do have HSV. So....................
    • tigerlove
      I'm trying to convince her its a scam.
    • @lw@ys
      Well, you could always forego any warnings on here, spend your hard earned money, realize its crap, then come back and give your testimonial on how you should've just listened in the first place. Just my opinion. Your money, your time and your disappointment if you try it.
    • tigerlove
      Is there anyway you can give me proof that its false? It's to show a friend of mines.
    • Learning2CopeAZ
      You are not alone!  I, too, was diagnosed recently (Oct 5th).  I was devastated.  I had been tested about 12 years ago, before moving out to AZ to build this new life with my now husband.  I was negative.   We've been monogomous since I moved here and this comes out of nowhere.  I recently began a healthier lifestyle.  Eating well, exercising and I'm just about to my optimum weight.   Ironic, it pops up now when I've been under WAY more stress in past years and nothing like this happened.   I'm still coping with my first OB.  The painful ache has finally subsided, just a few symptoms remain (itching mostly).  I've tried  tea tree oil and that seems to have helped (got that tip from here, LOVE this site).   I'm super thankful my husband has been nothing but supportive.  We take things one day at a time.  Haven't had sex since the diagnosis, I honestly didn't want any type of physical intimacy in the first few weeks.  I was  devastated we'd have to use condoms and was selfishly thinking, I didn't want sex at all if that's what we had to do.   I'm slowly coming to terms with this new reality of mine and am hoping to be intimate with him again very soon!   It will get better, it has to.
    • Learning2CopeAZ
      I did check back with the doctor and she did type the swab.  I also had the blood draw yesterday for the full gambit of STDs to find out when I was exposed and to, hopefully, ensure nothing else is lurking in my system.
    • Second_chance
      @Rational Vaxxer how did the vaccine do with shedding? 
    • BoatyMcBoatface
      Knowing people can be asymptomatic I tried to put it as nicely as I could to him too. I told him all the circumstances surrounding the situation, even the chance that it might not be him, but he still hasn't responded. What's so wrong with getting checked for std's anyway? UGh!
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