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What do you guys think it is

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Hi everyone I'm new to the forum. Well here is my story: I had a wild weekend of passion with my gf only becuase we haven't seen each other in such a long time. We were sweating alot and we had sex alot of times. Well anywho I noticed later that I had patches of little red bumps along my groin and I had 3 little red bumps on my penis. We stopped having sex after that point and with in 2 days all the bumps had dissappeared except for one on my penis. I tried popping it and nothing came out but I noticed that it was bigger today so I squeezed it and puss came out along with some blood and clear liquid. I went to my doctor and he looked at it and said not to worry at all and that it was and that it was sweat that probably caused it but he tested me out anyways. It's only happened once before maybe 2 months ago same type situation with the sex but there was only bumps on my upper groin along my pubic hair line that went away in a couple of day. Anywho do you think there's anything to worry about?

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    • Seeker1960
      I have used Voltern topical gel. It is for nerve pain and by prescription. I dont use nerve pain meds either. Methol gel also works well and can be bought without a perscription. I tried lidoderm patches with mixed success. You can also try lidocaine spray by prescription. I think Voltern is the best. Good luck
    • gonnakillher
      @Seeker1960 Thank you for your input. I never bank on the rarities. Too many odd things have happened to me in the past. I'm going to order the Western Blot at 6 months. Btw, what do you take/do to relieve the symptoms? I cannot take Neurontin for the nerve pain or I'll lose my job. I've taken Acyclovir 3 different occasions and it has helped tremendously. Thanks again
    • Ntnbutanxiety
      My bloodwork took 5 days. Good luck.     
    • herp-derp
      I was just diagnosed with genital HSV 1 that was transmitted orally. I've done research on the difference between genital HSV 1 & 2, but I wanted to hear it from you guys. Are outbreaks less common? Less likely to transmit to another's genitals due to it being HSV 1, but is highly susceptible to pass to another's orally?
    • Seeker1960
      Hello @gonnakillher I have very similar atypical symptoms. Most here have typical symptoms and those of us with atypical sympton get advice that our symptoms are not HSV related. The reliance on blood tests alone cannot exclude HSV infection especially if you are having symptoms like yours. The blood test can miss up to 30% of hsv positive people.  I came up postive for HSV1 via Western Blot. You can order a kit directly from the University of Washington. You will need to have the blood drawn and spun. It may or may not help as no tests are 100% accurate especially it seems with atypical cases but if you test positive you can have confidence in the result. If you test negative and still have symptom HSV cannot be excluded unless other forms of treatment resolve you symptoms.  The Abvic test is coming out soon and may offer a much better diagnostic blood test than what is currently availible. Keep searching for the cause of your issues until you are confident of what you have found to be true. I am not a Doctor so I will not proclaim that "you dont have herpes". I only will say listen and evaluate for yourself what is going on. If you think you have H after an exposure, then it could be H.  Good luck in your search for answers. Unfortunately for some with the atypical H symptoms the search can go on a lot longer until we get either a positive swab, blood Test or infect a partner.  
    • Free73
      nerve pain is not typical for herpes. It is far more common for shingles. The number of people who present here with 'nerve pain' is over stated. Tingling and unusual sensations are common, but to be experiencing what you call nerve pain in feet and ankles is not common at all for herpes
    • gonnakillher
      have any form of HSV is contagious...symptoms or not
    • gonnakillher
      were you sexually active within a couple weeks of this occurring ? what are the details on that?  i have gone through almost the same. hoping to get a western blot as Lisajd mentioned. 
    • gonnakillher
      i haven't had any fluid blisters. i also have folliculitis and mouth sores. both symptoms of herpes viral infection and definitely not associated with prostate issues. but i greatly appreciate the advice. any suggestions on how to get a western blot when your doctors basically refuse to help..?
    • cantdoit
      I don't have a grudge against anyone actually.  I don't even hold a grudge against the person who gifted me.   
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