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HELP! Getting ready to deliver and need quick advice


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Last wednesday I went to the doctor complaining of a small rash... I had been into see my prior ob/gyn a couple of years ago complaining of a spot that was itching and open. She did a culture and it was negative. He looked at the area and said it looked like herpes that was in the process of healing, however I could not remember feeling any discomfort until the day of my appointment. I woke up that day and felt some itching around the labia area. He recommended a blood test but explained it could read negative but I could still have herpes??? Could someone explain this?

Also, he suggested I take medication to clear up the area. The are looks the same and I do not feel the medication has helped at all (Zokor)

I am at a total loss. I am worried what to do if I go into labor tonight. I believe I should just demand a c-section to be safe? Could someone help me understand the risks of a false negative as well as information on how long it takes for the medication to work?

Any suggestions on what I should do if I go into labor tonight?

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hey hd, my only suggestion to you is to demand a c-section untill you are sure that what you have is yes herpes or no its not. You could never be too cautious and you would hate to pass this disease on to your newborn baby. I don't really understand much of the testing negative but still having it thing at all so i am sorry that i can't help you there. Let us know how the delivery goes.good luck!!!!

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have a c-section, don't risk it

if you don't have the test done within the first 2 days after an outbreak began, the chances of it giving a false negative go up drastically. the virus cells will die in the culture making it look like you're H free when you're not. The standard blood test also has a high rate of false negatives, whether the virus is active or not. Definitly DO NOT have a vaginal birth if you have an outbreak, even if you're not sure what it is, because if your baby receives the virus the effect could be devastating to an infant. But the next time you get an outbreak, go to the gyno that day to have the culture redone and you'll probably get an accurate outcome. That may be difficult for you if your outbreaks are so mild that it takes time to realize it's there.

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