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Atheists, Agnostics, etc. with Herpes

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I wouldn't say I have a religion.. and this is gonna sound strange.. but it makes sence to me... and helps me find peace sometimes with myself..


I don't believe in a certain deity.. But I believe in re-encarnation... and I believe we're all here to learn. and exprience so our 'spirits'.. our 'souls' can grow...

I believe that when I was in the planes beyond this one, ready for a new life... I chose the things that were going to happen to me.. The things I was going to learn from.. and to grow from.

In which case, the reason why I have herpes is only to grow and learn from it.

After all, in my belief, the body is only temporary.

... I've only ever had one sexual partner. Who doesn't have herpes. Who has stayed through me with all.

I don't know how I got my herpes... It could've been from a coldsore on someone else if they decided to give me a hug... or.. I could've touched something that someone with herpes did which had active virus on it....

I hate that I chose it.. But I chose it none-the-less...

I just hope that those who are to help me through it will continue doing such a fantastic job..

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Well, I believe in karma but this I don't get. I was helping my BF get over cancer and being supportive-taking him to hospital when he needed to, taking care of him, etc. I even asked him for 2 hiv tests (I knew very little about herpes). So, no, I don't think I was asking for herpes or that I did something to deserve it. As for God, well, He's got bigger fish to fry than me. I was at the wrong place at the wrong time, that's all.

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I'm not religious, but I do consider myself spiritual. I don't think this is a punishment, or some sort of retribution for the actions I've taken in life. I might not be a saint, but I'm a good person who's made some iffy choices. The thing is those choices never hurt anyone but myself, so I can't say this is to punish me.

I've always had some issues accepting myself as I am, partially cause I'm still young, and partially because I've lived with depression for years and years. The thing is that if this diagnosis actually came when I was first infected, I probably would have killed myself. Now, though, I know it's not going to hurt me like it could have, but it's going to make me a stronger person. I think if there is a higher force, maybe this was its way of telling me that no matter what I've done (or what I have) I'm still a wonderful person that needs to respect myself before thinking of others.

I guess this was a ramble, but I suppose I'm trying to look at this from the idea that if someone assigned this disease to me, it was for my own good because there's no way I'm going to let it beat me :)

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While Karma is not solely the domain of Buddhism, the Budda (a guy, not a god) suggested to his students that trying to work out the mechanics of Karma was unconjectural (Acintita Sutta). Do I think my having herpes is Karma? Well in the cause and effect sense, sure. I had sex with someone who had herpes and I caught it. No value judgement there, just cause and effect. Do I think that there is some group of spooks that are rewarding me or punishing me because of my behavior? No. Just the brain working its magic on my consciousness.

This may sound harsh but religion serves the mind as a buffer from insanity for those times when reason fails... or is abandonded. Believe because there is a real need to believe, not because the belief is real. A dream is as beautiful as reality.



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Viruses are not moral or immoral. They just are. They serve a purpose in nature, although we may not fully understand that.

When people say "everything happens for a reason", my reply is that "people try to find a reason why things happen". Some people need answers. I, on the other hand, am ok with random chaos. Everyone is different.

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    • Goran123
      Did you check for HPV when you did the STD test? It looks like it to me. There is new vaccine for HPV out these days, Go test yourself again. And if positive for HPV get the newest vaccine, I dont remember the name of it, but it works for people with the virus as well as preventing according to experienced people on the internet.
    • Evaluate
      Hi @Charlee Everyone is different, but typically the first outbreak is quite painful and lasts usually around a week. Something that is gone in 24 hours does not sound like HSV. Friction or something else might have caused the issue you experienced. Hope this helps.
    • Charlee
      Update: a little over 24 hours since I took the picture and the small spot is gone. The larger spot is maybe a third of the size. Would herpes disappear that quickly? Especially for a first outbreak?
    • Charlee
      No diagnosis yet. I haven’t had sex in 3 months, this just popped up yesterday. No warning. I have had sex with 2 men in the last 10 years and they were both this year. One unprotected, we both were tested and negative for everything. No hsv test since neither of us had symptoms. The ulcer is near my clitoris. The only thing I can think of is possibly friction from suction vibrator a couple days before this showed up. Please help, I’m terrified. 
    • Dawid
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