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NAET & hsv2... Energy stimulation possible cure?

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Has anyone ever tried NAET to get rid of HSV2 or HSV1. i came in contact with a doctor that claims he has had many patients who have done this treatment and it has been successful, they have not had any symptoms or outbreaks after the treatment. he claims using the NAET technique it flushes the virus out of the system...its a combination b/w the brain stimulation and energy or something along those lines.... has anyone ever heard of this? my mother has seen him for allergies and has proven to be successful. Every time she has gone to see him the office has been packed...many ppl are going to him for various mother mentioned my condition to him and he sounded confident that he can "cure" me. he said he has done it before.... i am skeptical and i'm wondering if anyone has tried it or has heard of this technique. thanks.

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    • crazypuglady
      @Terrell Thank you for your response. I have read up a bit on it and am really interested in its benefits. I am going to try and give my body a chance to fight it and if nothing improves I would definitely consider it.
    • Mode
      My boyfriend is the only person whom I had a sexual intercouse with so I pressumed that I got the herpes from him. When I went to the doctor with my mom last Feb, the OB Gyne only told us that it was herpes, she did not state if it is 2 or 1. Although, it was on the genital area. I was taking medicines before when I still had the outbreak. But after the lesions and sores healed, the doctor required to stop taking medicines. 
    • Lisajd
      This way instead of worrying that you might have an hour break why don't you just relax and enjoy it and you will soon figure out the extent of your sexual activity will cause an ob. You are more likely to caude yourself an outbreak through stressing about sex causing an outbreak.   By the way are you hsv1 or 2. Are you on meds to prevent transmission or does ur bf have it too
    • PrettyWings82
      I did not know where to post this. I have hsv1 and 2. I have had itchy bumps oozing on top of my feet. I've always thought it was eczema until I was recently diagnosed with having the virus. When it heals it is scaly and black dots where the bumps used to be. Could this be my hsv2 manifesting in different areas of my body? Also, I used to get these monthly episodes of nausea and vomiting with extreme stomach aches and weakness last year. It is now better with only mild nausea. I had a gastric emptying study and was told I could possibly have gastroparesis, but Reglan didn't this also an outbreak or something else? Has anyone else experienced this? All this testing and no answers...
    • WilsoInAus
      There probably are no people for whom swab negative and blood test negative!
    • Mode
      We tried having sex few weeks ago after 5 months of abstinence but that sex was quick because we were afraid that I might have an outbreak again.. though, I have not gotten anything from that week-ago sex.
    • Lisajd
      I cant answer that.  Some people get an outbreak caused by friction from sex you can only try and see how you go
    • Mode
      So even if we have sex again, i won't get any outbreak? 
    • Lisajd
      There is still no evidence to suggest that a diet high in lysine and low in arginine suppressors outbreak but if it does work for you then it's good to do that however it really is trial and error
    • Lisajd
      A herpes outbreak can be caused by a number of things and in the main it is because of your immune system but the friction from sex can cause an outbreak but any further outbreaks after your first will never be as bad as the first.  You really don't need to abstain from sex if you both have herpes.  It won't cause an outbreak. 
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