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NAET & hsv2... Energy stimulation possible cure?

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Has anyone ever tried NAET to get rid of HSV2 or HSV1. i came in contact with a doctor that claims he has had many patients who have done this treatment and it has been successful, they have not had any symptoms or outbreaks after the treatment. he claims using the NAET technique it flushes the virus out of the system...its a combination b/w the brain stimulation and energy or something along those lines.... has anyone ever heard of this? my mother has seen him for allergies and has proven to be successful. Every time she has gone to see him the office has been packed...many ppl are going to him for various mother mentioned my condition to him and he sounded confident that he can "cure" me. he said he has done it before.... i am skeptical and i'm wondering if anyone has tried it or has heard of this technique. thanks.

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    • @lw@ys
      I've been considering Zostavax. I already have the RX I just am not ready to drop $225 for something that may or may not help. I did have chicken pox as a child so it will have some benefit. I'm just kinda scared that it might set off my HSV's  
    • Sillybrain2
      None of this ^^^ banter is relevant to this thread or the research section - take it elsewhere please.
    • Lisajd
      Thats what it comes down to.... the partner accepting the risk..knowing the consequences.  
    • Lisajd
      There are a lot of others on other sg sites stating nerve issues Since dx.
    • Lisajd
      @gkh You also said you have hsv1 in this thread. So what type do you have or is it both?
    • TCBH
      Ok update.  I don't think the Varivax vaccine did anything to help me.  It seems I've gone back to the baseline of typical symptoms.  I haven't had the follow-in booster so I may go for can't hurt, I hope.  :-)
    • Free73
      The blister could have been herpes, so too the rash. As someone who is diagnosed with HSV2 via swab and regularly gets outbreaks, an outbreak can be as small as a raised pinhead which looks like a pimple and can often go unnoticed, to a series of pimple like blisters over a rash which are impossible to mistake for something else. It will vary from person to person and outbreak to outbreak. Having said that, they may not have been herpes either. But there is not necessarily a 'classic' herpes blister to look out for and I think most people have misinterpreted what a herpes blister can look like and therefore, herpes is often misdiagnosed or ignored. Trying to reach a conclusion on herpes only from perceived 'nerve pain' doesn't work. Nerve pain can come from multiple sources. Out of interest, did you take anything for the jock itch diagnosis? Where on your genitals was the jock itch?
    • WilsoInAus
      As I understand it, the blood test was the diagnosis and revealed that you have had HSV-2 for quite some time. Hence the fact that the symptoms emerged are not related to the diagnosis. Nerve pain associated with herpes is rare and if it does occur, will usually accompany lesions. This is not to say that your symptoms are not related to herpes, they might be. Equally they may not and an open mind will be important.  
    • MarkHopefull
      Thanks Seeker. I understand that this is something that many have been dealing with for much longer than I have, so I understand the skepticism. The only thing I know if that the nerve discomfort corresponds to roughly around the time of my HSV-2 diagnosis. The initial OB (if that's what it was) wasn't what I've read as being "typical." I had two doctors tell me it was jock itch. It seems like it impacts many people differently, so I don't see it be too far fetched as the cause of my discomfort. I think most of us are hoping that Halford is heading in the right direction. I know I'm keeping my fingers crossed on it.
    • Free73
      @GKH This is what you wrote in Emmamichelle's thread last week and I quote........... "There's a book that warns all about this kinda stuff, ya know, and if we had just taken it seriously and learned to follow the rules, this could've been prevented. There IS a cure for's called abstinence. If everyone waited until marriage it would eventually disappear. And if everyone started today it would be gone in only 1 generation". I won't post anymore where you then went into a tirade about how people should feel ashamed etc. but who thinks like that? What are we in Medieval Europe? Biggest pile of self righteous, religious horseshit I have read on here. I have been diagnosed with Herpes Simplex Type 2. You have what seems to be a new strain of herpes called Herpes Imaginitis. Apparently it's the hardest strain of herpes to diagnose.....I wonder why? It's people like you and a few others on here that promote and institutionalise social stigma's. And you need to be called out on it. Even your own doctor's won't have anything to do with you. That speaks volumes
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