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HSV 1...how likely?


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Okay, I knwo it's possible to get oral herpes from someone with no symptoms...but how likely is it?

See, usually I never share drinks....but on Monday I took one sip of someone's slushy. On Wednesday we were talking and I found out that she used to get cold sores when she was younger, and rarely gets them now.

I knwo she still has the virus...but my question is should I worry about getting it because I took a sip of her drink when she had no symptoms?

How likely is it I'll catch it?

What's the percentage I'll get it? Any guesses even?

And my parents both have it, but I've not had a symptom(knock on wood) that I or they can recall...so would I already have it? I've shared drinks/food/utensils with my parents loads of times....

So should I be worried?

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I wouldnt worry. If anything you're being paranoid. Plus based on the fact that the vast majority of the population has HSV-1 antibodies, and therefore, is potentially shedding the virus at any said time does that mean you should abstain from sharing drinks or kissing or anything else? Its like worrying about getting in a car accident every single time you drive. Id worry if you had symptoms or if she had an active sore.

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