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Please Help Me -- I am going nuts


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Hey guys,

I am new to this forum. I am 21 year old female and a very healthy person. I play sports often and am in good shape. I need to tell my story. Please help me.

In Mid April (of this year) I had unprotected sex with a guy I was dating, stupid I know. We had sex about 3 times (and oral sex). Less than 4 days later, I began feeling very ill. I noticed smal bumps around my mouth. I tried to pop them thinking it was a pimple but it was not. I then began feeling not quite right... I got chills, fever, nausea, headaches. Then I went to my doctor and he gave me Famvir to take 3 times a day, for 5 days. That cleared it up within 2 days. I was still feeling quite ill though. I then noticed 2 red bumps outside my vagina. They were painful and they hurt bad. I have never gotten any mind of bumps down there in my life. I went to the doctor again and she was a (med. assistant) and said I "might" have herpes so she gave me Famvir to take 3 times, for 7 days. This medication did nothing for it! If anything it got worse. She also swabbed it and it came back Negative. I then went to see a gynocologist who looked at them and said it was not Herpes, looked like Follicuitis. She then again swabbed them for a culture among all other STDs. They all came back negative but I still had these bumps. They lasted a good 2 1/2 weeks. Then they finally got smaller, into littler red bumps but were still there. They were there for 2 weeks and I still have them. I went back to my reg doctor and she said "we have 2 negative tests here, you do not have herpes." But I do NOT get it, why do I have bumps?? and why right after I had sex?? Was this an infection? I aslo felt like I had a yeast infection. It all itched like crazy and it felt so sensitive down there. I still cannot shave because it is so sensitive. Please HELP me. What do I do? quit worrying? I can't they are still there but smaller. I went back to my doc one last time and he said quit orrying, if they did not initially respond to an anti-viral, then it wasn't genital herpes.

isn't this all coincedental? i told the guy i was with and he said he never had any bumps, only cold sores/fever blisters. and his other GF's never said anything. I don't get it. This virus/or not has made me into a wreck. I have had several anxiety attacks and I had to get off my anti depressent (Wellbutrin) because I couldn't handle it. I still can barely get out of bed. I feel almost inhuman. Like I have a horrible disease OR not?? I don't even know. Please help me. Please. :oops::cry:

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11 views and no one can help? :oops:

well anyway I went back to my doc. today and she once again looked at the sores and said it dosen not look like Herpes. They werent "vessicles" or anything and they had a whitehead like a pimple after awhile. so she gave me antibodies to kill it because she believe it is Folliclitis. But I still am not sure. who do you believe? :cry:

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I am kinda going throught the same thing. I have felt like someone ran sand paper over everything down there for over 3 months and I have got 1 like lump under the skin thing that broke open but never looked like a blister. I went and got a culture which came back negative and I though well great its over with then was told because it was 72 hrs after my symptoms appeared, happened on a friday that i noticed the lump and went on mon to dr for culture that the culture could be false negative according to everyone online. But it seems like I have symptoms every day irritated down there and my legs constantly hurt now. If you get a negative culture just stay off these sites cause you will still think that you are infected. I made the mistake of self educating myself and now I still dont know if i have it. Have a negative culture but all the symptoms so I figure I have it or I have a bad case of hypochondria. :shock:

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Both of you need to go get a blood test, a type specific one at that. That's the only sure fire way to find out if you have been exposed to the virus.

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