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Just because it is not "life threatening" dosen't mean it still dose not hurt!

I think they won't sure it becasue there's no money in the cure, the money is in the medicine. so unfair.


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no virus has ever been cured. In order to cure it they would actually have to alter the DNA structure of a person...and since gene therapy and stem cell research is still up for debate due to the whole ethics issue it may be years before we see any viral cure.

On the other hand, a vaccine may be possible. Theres one thats been tested thats effective in females who have never been exposed...so thats a start. Plus theres also testing going on with a topical creme thats supposed to deactivate herpes altogether thats currently being tested in India and China. So in the next few years I wouldnt be a bit suprised if it became something that no one worried about. Polio was a huge problem in the 1950s...no one gets that anymore.

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