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My 1 year old has had over 70+ herpes 1 (cold sores)


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Dear Everyone

My 1 year old daughter contracted herpes 1 (cold sores) when she was 5 months old-an elderly woman with an active lesion kissed her on the mouth- She has had over 70 ob's since. (None of them have ever broken out 'all the way' because I took her to the dr. immediately and got Zovirax-which did not do anything special except diminish the first one which was just a red speck. The first one appeared 14 days after being kissed. I have tried the following with limited success. Limited because she breaks out almost DAILY. Colloidal silver, oxygen infused olive oil, dmso, l-lysiene, calcium, garlic, acidophilus. The only thing that gets them to disappear quickly is the dmso. HOWEVER, they continue to erupt on a every 2-3 day basis. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has had success dimishing the # of outbreaks. I would take my 1 year old daughter out of the country if need be. I would like to talk to anyone who has gone out of the country and gotten good results. To say my life has been turned upside down is an understatement. My little girl rubs her eyes and I'm so deathly afraid she'll touch a cold sore and then her eyes, causing ocular herpes and possible blindness. My family can't share beverages, icecream, popsicycles, the norm stuff fam's share with babies because she constantly is broken out around her mouth. Please, if anyone has any GOOD INFORMATION and possibley experience outside of the usa, please contact me. I'm desperate. Thanks for listening. :oops:

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:idea: I am very sorry to hear about your little girl. She sounds like my sister. She gets them constantly around her nose, mouth. She has tried many expensive prescription creams etc. but nothing stops them. I also get coldsores appx 3 times per year. I think I may have found a solution or at least a deterrent. Folic acid tablets. As soon as I get the tingling feeling in my lip I take 5-6 tablets and continue taking them whenever I remember until the soreness goes away. Usually, if I take the tablets soon enough I will not get a sore at all. Once a sore appears it is really hard to get rid of it, but I have found that the folic Acid helps them clear up more quickly and less painfully. I would discuss with a pediatrician how much folic acid is safe for your daughter, I know that it is valuable for tissue development and pregnant women take it. I would suggest maybe an ongoing supplement may help her. I haven't yet tried an on going supplement approach but I think I may. I also use a liquid solution called Cold sorex which has camphor, menthol, Myhrr and Benzoin DIN: 02231933 over the counter.

Another thing that seems to aggravate or cause them in my is exposure to the sun and acidic foods (like tomatoes) when I am on the verge of one. I am beginning to think that everyone is different though and that it may depend on each immune system, individual triggers and maybe even the strain of herpes that was contracted. I believe my sister and I got it prenatally since she has had thm since birth and I started around 10 yrs old. Anyways, I hope this helps your little one!

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I am so sorry

Poor little baby! That is sad.

I too, was exposed to cold sores at a young age and use to get them horribly, a few times a year. Now , I know how to control it. Or try too.

The only good thing about having hsv1 is that when I contracted hsv2, I think that because the virus was already in my system, it caused me NOT to have bad outbreaks....Maybe I am wrong, I Don' t know.

But I do NOT WANT my kids to get cold sores, they are just awful.. Especially not a baby who does NOT know how to take care of it. But I think, sheez, when were were kids, I am sure we picked at our face, then rubbed our eyes, I mean, kids are not deligent about cleanliness...!! You would think there would be MORE cases of ocular herpes, but there is not....just keep on top of it as best as you can. I hope and pray that you find something to alleviate the little outbreaks in your darling baby.

This should also be a warning to people....they do NOT need to be kissing on babies! fucking pisses me off. My boyfriends mother is really nice, but she is prone to cold sores and she is always kissing on our infant son, feeding him from the same spoon....I have told my BF he needs to (nicely) tell her to be careful of that!!!

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Although it's not pregnancy related...

My boys had neonatal herpes and one gets outbreaks. We use oral acyclovir (Zovirax). There have actually been case studies published on cases of extreme accidental overdose detailing the lack of symptoms or reactions to the overdose, so it is a very safe med for peds. The biggest risk, which isn't a common risk, is that it could cause nutropenia with long term use. The dose for an outbreak is 80mg/k if I remember correctly, but may be different if you wanted a suppressive dose. It comes in a suspension, 500mg/5ml. In general, an infant exposed at less than 6mo old is generally treated with suppressive therapy because of the elevated risk of herpes encephalitis prior to that age. Do you know why she wasn't put on suppression?

Several of the other treatments mentioned I would never try on my children, personally. I would definately suggest that you at least let her pedi know what you are treating her with, even if (s)he doesn't agree. Those things are personal decisions, of course.

I know it's hard to watch your little one with all those lesions. I hope you are able to find her the best relief soon.

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