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HSV-1 Positive since I was 5.


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It was summertime and I remember my nose starting to blister up... turned red, scabbed over and by the time I was 10 I had the nickname Rudolf. All my life I've been coping with this ugly virus. I have had girlfriends never speak to me again after I told them. I have had outbreaks at the worst possible time, leaving on vacation, starting a new job, going on a date, during school, at work,.. I make sure the girls I date know right away, before even the first kiss. I have only spead the virus to one person, my Ex girlfriend of 5 years. I cried when she got her first coldsore because I knew it was all my fault and I didnt want her to have to go through the pain and humilitation. So I warned her and warned her and we were as carful as can be never making contact when I had or even thought I was getting an outbreak. She didnt care. She loved me. We broke up after 5 years but HSV had nothing to do with it. now Im single again. Just a month ago I told the new girl in my life that I get coldsores and she was sympathetic but stopped calling. I understand though. I hope to one day meet a girl and she tells me she has HSV-1 before I do. I will hang on to her at all cost. Until then I dont want to pick up anything else. So I live a good life. I met a nice girl, she also has HSV-1 and even though the chemestry is not there, I call her when I need support and she calls me. Everyone of us need someone in our life to remind us that we're normal. Even with HSV1 or 2 or HPV or HIV. I luv you all, and I wish you all good luck.

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