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just diagnosed * please read *


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Hi everyone. first of all, I want to let you all know that I've been through a lot of the forums for the last week or so and they've been really really helpful. Everyone seems really friendly and I've decided that actually participating on this board will be beneficial.

Starting on June 16th I had some irratation in my gential area which I thought was a yeast infection so I treated it for that. When no relief came I decided to go to the doctor. I'm a student, so I had to wait until monday for Planned Parenthood to be open and take walkins, and by that time the pain was unbearable. I couldn't sleep and it wasn't getting any better. The doctor at Planned Parenthood was very friendly, but she confirmed my fear that I probably had herpes (I won't find out the lab results for a few more days but now I'm sure this what my problem is). I had a blood test taken to do other std screening, and while I wasn't worried before now I'm concerned that whoever gave me this could have given me something else too.

I was precribed acyclovir, which I've been taking 400mg 3 times a day since. Initially, it really seemed to help, but then I don't know if I had another outbreak or what because the last couple days have gotten worse again. Any thoughts? This is my sixth day on acyclovir and I have enough for ten. The doctor from planned parenthood should call in the next couple days so should I ask for more? Is there something better I should ask for? What do you recommend for the pain?? Usually I'm okay, but in the beginning I had to take ambien in order to get to sleep and sometimes during the day the pain just hits me in the face.

I think I have oral herpes too. I have a cold sore on the inside of my lip, but also this sore on my cheek right next to the corner of my mouth. It's disgusting. I've been super careful with hygine, washing with soap and water all the time (it's borderline obsessive compulsive haha), but this thing just isn't getting any better. Will anything help? It's tough because of its location since everytime I smile it cracks and has to re-scab. it's SO frustrating. As bad as the genital herpes is, I've kind of figured out how to deal with it and now all I care about is getting this stupid sore off of my face!!! This is my first outbreak, and I really hope what people have said about it being the most severe is true. I feel that if I can get through this I can get through anything.

In general I think I'm doing alright. At the time that I heard my diagnosis, I had pretty much figured out on my own what my problem was by looking online and in a medical book, and by that time I didn't care as long as I was prescribed something that might help the pain. I'm trying to analyze the situation too much - of the 2 guys I've been with, one was a virgin (or so he said) and the other always used protection (not 100% safe but still). I have one night drinking unaccounted for and I'm scared to think that I could have been given a roofie, raped and given this disease. .. Like I said, I have no way of knowing at this point and in all honestly if all my other std tests come back ok I don't want to know. I'm trying to keep stress levels low and thinking about that kind of shit won't exactly help.

Right now I just want be responsible and try to take care of myself. I'm 20, so getting into a hardcore gym routine won't be too much of an issue, I'll wear SPF, keep stress to a minimum, avoid caffiene and sugar, and I'll just have to make a point to avoid certain foods with high arginine levels. It'll suck, but it's a lifestyle change that I think I can handle.

Question: is it worth getting a lysine supplement? and how crucial is avoiding high arginine foods? from what I've read it just depends on the person for how sensitive you are, but frankly, eating a piece of chocolate to see if I have an outbreak doesn't seem worth it!

I haven't told anyone in person, and I don't think I will for a while. I'm doing alright accepting myself, but I'm just not ready to open myself up to that kind of judgement. I'd like to tell my mom but I don't know if she thinks I'm sexually active so that could be awkard. At this point I'm just taking it one day at a time - trying to survive this first outbreak. It sucks that I feel that I need to avoid social activities because of this sore on my face but kids, even friends, can be cruelly judgemental. Any suggestions? I've already taken a lot of the tips already mentioned; the peeing in the bath REALLY helps with the burning. One other question for the ladies; my period is due in a couple days, any advice if my outbreak hasn't cleared up? It just seems like the logistics of it will be complicated - I mean, I can barely pee let alone use a tampon!!!

Ok well sorry for the uber long post and I hope peoples' responses. I hope everyone is doing alright :D


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ok. so I heard from my doctor and even though my test came back negative I'm almost positive I have herpes. While that is starting to clear up (how long does it take once scabs form?), I came down with strep throat. random. anyone have any similar experiences?

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Hi, Well, i can't answer all your questions as i have only had H for 2 weeks myself. But, i can say that i did have my period last week through it, and i found that i could manage to put in the tampon without actually touching the labia and thus not making my sores hurt, but it still hurt a bit when i took it out cause it pulled the skin a bit. if you pour warm water over your genitals while you take it out then it is easier. I really notice though that i had to change it a lot more often than normal b/c of the discharge i get from the H ( i generally have a very light flow b/c i am on the pill). so i also have been wearing a pantyliner too, just to be safe that i don't stain.

I can't say how long exactly it takes the scabs to form. i think it is different for everyone. i have had it for 2 weeks and a couple of them have scabbed but not the rest. They say it can take 2-3 weeks to clear up so hopefully they will soon. :?

As for the strep throat, i know that i have had a lot of cold symptoms because of it. They say it is normal to feel like you are sick too...lucky us. :wink: If you have had strep throat before then i'm sure this is why. Your body is just naturally more susceptible to it if you have had it in the past, so b/c your immune system is a bit on overload it just can't keep up. :(

hope i was at least a little helpful. if you want to chat at all. feel free.

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thanks for your response! everything's scabbed for the mostpart and they don't really hurt any more but I'm afraid I'll accidentally pull them off and have to start the whole process over again :( It's been about 2 weeks (the longest 2 weeks of my life I swear!) so hopefully it's almost over. good news, my face is clearing up!! having strep actually worked to my advantage because I had an excuse to stay home and wasn't stressing about people seeing this giant sore on my face. I guess it does eventually work out. In terms of my strep symptoms, at first I thought it was just a side effect of the h. But I went to the doctor and it is indeed strep and I'm being treated for that as well. My period still hasn't come but I'll keep what you mentioned in mind! With any luck my scabs will heal before then and it won't be an issue but it's good to know how you dealt with it. Thanks so much for your response!!!


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Hi there Ayele, I just thought i would reply to your question about acyclovier, my doctor first put me on that medicine too and i too found i was feeling sick when i had an outbreak, i also found it to take about 2 weeks for my symptoms to go away while being on it. I talked with my doctor about it and he then gave me valtrex for my next outbreak. My symptoms were gone in 5 days and i didn't feel sick at all. Maybe you might want to try it, but i guess everyone is different. I also found that i have an outbreak right before my period is due or right after i have my period so now i try to take valtrex before my period and hope there is no outbreak. Hope this helps a little for you.

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Hey i just wanted to say that yea i am in my first outbreak as well and in the very same boat as you, i also was told that i had strep, but the strep is clearing at the moment, i also have oral herpes and have a spot in my mouth that is making my mouth hurt like crazy...... I dont mean to steal your thread but iwas wondering if anyone went thr similar things with oral herpes.... where your gums hurt, bleed at a simple touch, it even kinda hurts to brush your teeth.... any insight into this would be helpful


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Give the acyclovir a chance to build up a bit in your system. The first outbreak is always the worst - they get milder and less frequent as time goes on (for most of us).

I've had herpes for 3 years, and for the first year I was having outbreaks almost every month around the time of my period. My doctor finally put me on suppressive therapy and I haven't had an outbreak in 2 years! Needless to say I'm quite happy about that. I'd definitely recommend talking to your doctor about it as it's not right for everyone, but I wanted you to know there is hope!

I've read other posts on this board from people who've had good luck using hydrogen peroxide to help heal their sores. I can't vouch for that since I've never tried it, but with some research you should be able to learn about different ways to ease the discomfort of an outbreak.

The best advice I can give anyone who has herpes or is in a relationship with someone who has it, is to educate yourself. The library, the internet, your doctor - help is all around - just go after it.

{hugs} :wink:


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You should try Valtrex, once a day instead of 3 times a day it works great for my herpes (when I use it on a daily basis, I dont get any outbreaks, when I stop or miss days, usually I will break out again). Just thought it might be easier on you than taking a pill 3 times a day :)

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