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Herpes vs UTI, expert advice PLEASE!!!!!


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Im hoping the experts of this site would give their insight on my situation. A few days ago my symptoms began with a mildly sore throat, followed the next day by urethral pain. This resulted in small amounts of urine as well as pain upon completion of urination. 5 days after the initial symptoms, i saw a doctor with the same urinary difficulty and sore throat as well as kidney and stomach tenderness. The doctor perscribed me antibiotics for the "UTI" as well as for my very swollen tonsils. The antibiotics for the UTI began having an effect overnight, while the sore throat remained, without sign of improvement. The doctor was not thorough in his examination, in my opinion (he didnt even take a throat swab). No visible sores are present in my mouth or lips and the only genital discomfort i feel (besides what little is left of the urethral pain) is some chaffing between the scrotum and the anus, which may be a result of excessive inspection as well as soap that have come with my paranoia!! Does this sound like an OB? If so it would be my primary, would the symptoms involving my urethra disappear before the symptoms in my throat? Or is this just a case of coincidence of different ailments and the doctor is right in his diagnosis? What are the difference in symptoms, if any, between HSV and UTI? My ONLY genital infection risk came over 2 months ago when i received 2 minutes of unprotected oral sex as well as protected vaginal sex with a girl who had no visible sores. Im slowly losing my mind with this and im hoping someone can point me in the right direction!!


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