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Should I be worried or am I obsessing over something stupid?


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Ok so last night I hooked up with this girl I didn't know, we were both very drunk. She gave me oral sex and there was a point where the shaft of my penis brushed for a second against the skin around her vagina. I can't remember where exactly, I think above the vagina, not near any mucus membranes or anything. We did not have sex. So afterwords I find out this girl is a huge slut and has slept with over 20 guys. I'm pretty worried that I might have gotten herpies, not that i have any symptoms after this one day. She had no cold soars on her lips, its mostly when my penis brushed near her vagina that I'm worried about. I just want to know i this worry is warranted or if I'm just being paranoid. What are the chances of contracting it by brief contact between us? I read that the tip of the penis and wetness of the vagina is where you have to worry the most, and only the shaft rubbed against an area of her that wasn't wet. Also I dont think she had an outbreak but i didn't really look and was too drunk to think about it. I don't even know if she has herpies or not. Should I be worried? Thankyou

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Should you be worried...

First of all I would say no. You have to come in contact with the virus itself, which wouldn't really be able to live on dry skin for more than a few seconds. For you to have contracted herpes, she would A) have to have herpes to begin with; and B) Have an open sore in the area that your penis touched her; or be shedding the virus asymptomatically, which is unlikely.

It is HIGHLY unlikely, if not impossible, that you contracted HSV-2 from her genitally. However, if she gets cold sores (HSV-1) and she went down on you, you run the risk of having contracted HSV-1 genitally. Yes, you can get genital herpes from someone with oral herpes through oral sex.

Having said all of this, I recently slept with a girl who had a few men under her belt. We slept together once without a condom. I asked her if she had any stds and she said no and that she had been tested. She was friends with a friend of mine so I figured hed tell me if he knew anything or had heard. I was with her for 2 months after we slept together, but we never slept together again, just dated and fooled around. After me asking her every other day if I could trust her, I went and got a blood test cause I was so paranoid. Posotive, ain't life a bitch. You never know man.

My advice to you would be to go get a blood test in 12-16 weeks. There is no way to be tested for the actual virus because it resides in your nervous system once you contract it, not in your blood. Instead you are tested for antibodies to the virus. If you go in before the 12 week period, you might get a false neggative as your body has not had time to produce anitbodies to combat the virus. Never be too careful. I hope I helped you. Let me know if you have any more questions.

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Steve626 wrote:

"Ok so last night I hooked up with this girl I didn't know, we were both very drunk."


"So afterwords I find out this girl is a huge slut and has slept with over 20 guys."

I'm sorry, but I can't help but wish that such judgemental (and hypocritical) comments could at least stay off this board. SHE'S a slut; but you're not, gee ok - that seems like a fair label.

Be careful who you sleep with - it's not that someone GIVES you herpes - YOU put yourself at risk for herpes every time you "hook up."

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Thankyou for the advice Funman. I feel a little better now. I think this whole scare is a good thing, because I learned a lesson from it. rnmichelle, I'm sorry i I offended you. The reason I said she's a slut and I'm not is because I've only had sex with one person, my long term x-gf, and she's had sex with 20. I don't have sex with people I don't know. She does. I should have clarified this.

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