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Well, wondering what i have here......


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I had unprotected sex with a partner on Wed. On friday morning I woke up to what looked like some sort of rash. Alot of small yellow bumps along the head and shaft of my penis, and it kinda itched. Some of the bumps had small tiny tiny white heads. Almost dissapeared by nighttime, and really couldnt tell anything at all that night. I figured out the girl either was on her period, or had just gotten off because when I emptied the trash, I found a used tampon in the waste basket. Saturday morning, I woke up, found a few small dots, not hardly anything. Slight burning when I urinated, however I had quite a bit to drink the other night, so I wasn't too leary of it. However, there appeared to have been a clear discharge after I urinated, however I'm not sure. I believe there was. I went to the tanning salon for about 20 min or so later in the day, and when I got out, there were quite a few red bumps all over the head of my penis and some in other places. I had read that ultraviolent light can cause flair ups (however can't it do that with any rash?) I went to the doctor, he looked and said it really didnt look like herpes, however that was completely possible and he swapped me for a test. He asked it the bumps were painful, no, not at all, didn't even itch at all anymore, and asked it they had been blistering. No on both counts, they hadnt blistered or hurt, it was more cosmetic than anything. They hadnt formed puss or anything at all. I asked him if it could have been anything else besides herpes and he responded there was a whole lot of things it could be, and that it really didn't look like herpes. He said it could be some sort of skin rash, irritation, and that the female vagina can be a very hostile environment to sensitive skin, especially if it's not that clean, or if I'm allergic to her in some way. That night, which was a few hours ago, you can't even tell the bumps were there, and there is only a slight redness. Doesn't really look like anything was there to begin with, however I'm totally paranoid as hell, and I think it's my mind making me feell like I'm itching. LOL. Anyway, any ideas?

Well, woke up this morning. Just about not a thing in sight. No itching, slight slight redness on the head of my penis in certain areas. Hmmmmmm. I was thinking about it last night, and to be totally honest, I slept with the girl not on Wed, but on Thursday morning at about 5am or so, and noticed the bumps on friday morning at about 11am or so. So I guess it was about 24 hours later and not two days. Does that make a difference? The only thing that really has me worried, was the reappearence of alot of rednes and bumps after I got out of the tanning bed. However UV light can irritate rashes and such right?

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One more thing, he did give me a script for valtrex, and I've taken it today, however were still not sure if I have HPV2 or not. Anyway, should I be taking this or just wait until i get my results back?

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