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How long do muscle aches from herpes last?


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I have had lower back pain for about 4 weeks and then it got better. But then my legs started to feel kinda sore. Does not hurt, I can still run a two mile course, but I have been really stressed out lately due to the fact that I might have herpes. No other symptoms though, it doesn't hurt to pee, no fevers, no blisters or coldsores. Just kinda wondering if it is natural to have symptoms like this for this long (about 4 1/2 weeks now) All the time not off and on. And is this a early warning sign for herpes or can it be induced by the stress that comes with the uncertainty of the diagnosis. Also had many other stress factors in my life. When I started having sore legs I had just read some of the symptom factors that daid aching legs can be a symptom. And sure enough that day I got aching legs. I am not trying to be in denial here just concerned. Please help me with any information that you could provide me. Thank you

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the more you stress out the more you will continue your symtoms.advise stop stressing out. and get a specific herpes test. until then you might want to take it easy.

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