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please help give me some idea


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ok, i went to the doctor because I had a bad cut from having sex, and a week later I broke out in red bumps in my genital area. I also had swollen nodes in my groin. I asked the doc if it could be herpes, and she said there was a possiblitliy of it, but it also could be an infection (bacterial). She took swabs to test for both, but I can't find out until monday. The weird thing is, the bumps (which look like mosquito bites) don't hurt at all, I'm really itchy, I've gotten a non-menstraul period now, and I got a few new bumps this morning. The rash feels like a heat rash, and i don't seem to have any blisters. I aslo don't have flu-like symptoms, discharge, or burning when I pee. My sister thinks the new bumps came up cause its an infection and I was scratching it so it spread. I am so stressed right now, and I need some opinions, just to maybe prepare me for what I may hear. This will be my primary outbreak if it is true, please help, I am scared! :cry:

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ok, first take a deep breath. Now, was this a one night thing that you had? Is this someone you've been with? If not, have you talked to your partner about having herpes? I'm waiting for my test too, so don't feel bad, there are people that are scared just as much as you. :) One thing I have learned is that herpes can present itself in so many ways, or none at all. The best thing for you to do, is relax, and STOP SCRATCHING!! You could be spreading your outbreak or infection, whichever....both are a bad idea. Just try to relax sweety. I'm trying too.

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I've been with this guy for about a month and a half, he's getting tested now too. We'll both find out next week. It seems like everyday something new happens with this rash, today I had hives come up, with are extremely itchy. I'm so depressed right now, and stressed out!

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It doesn't matter if you scratch them. If it is herpes then you have the virus, plain and simple. Just don't spread it to your mouth(i doubt youd scratch youre irritated area and then put your hands in your mouth anyways) .Type 2 causes genital herpes, so you cant infect yourself twice with the same virus. It probably irritates it to scratch but that's the only reason it's not a good idea.

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