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pleaaaase help


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:roll: hi...

i'm not sure if i have GH but from all my reaserch on the net i have all the syptoms. is it really herpes or could it be somthing else? it all started last tuesday as i came back from a short vacation... my body. muscles was aching...i felt like i had high fever...headach and back pain...but the 2 last symptoms i always had them but i feel like it got worst. on wed while unirating...it really hurts and burns...its awfull...and before all this started i had discharge....its almost transparent and its very watery...2 days ago i saw a red bump...which i tought was an ingrown hair becuz i have that problem often but now i have another one smaller one and ever since last night its very itchy...i should mention that im also pregnant. i'm very scared becuz if i dont want to transmit it to my baby if i have it. can somone please tell me if all this syptoms are realated to herpes...im going for a test today please somone reply as soon as possible as im very scared....im 21 :cry:

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Some of the syptoms are common for herpes HSV-2 infection... However... Uriniating with burning senation is not common... The only reason ppl get burning while urinating is because pee is acidic and it gets into blisters... Unless you had an open blister some where on your vagina, you shouldn't have gotten any pain... Discharge is not at all related to herpes, that sounds more like a yeast infection to me... Muscles aching, where? How long have you had these syptoms? I doubt you have herpes sweetheart, however, definatly see a doctor and have him check you ASAP, if you transfer HSV-2 to a baby, it could kill him/her... Till you see a doctor, I wouldn't worry bout herpes... Chances are I prob wont respond to this message again, I only really respond to messages no one answers, just private message me if you need me like the others are doin, I really dont have any time anymore to read all the new messages that come through this site...

Stay well, and try not to worry


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