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new herpes group in australia

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    • DrearyDaysAhead
      I'm sorry that you're dealing with that. I don't personally have the same issue but, as embarrasing as it is, I do get stinky feet sometimes. I learned that soaking in green tea helps control the smell (Something about the tannins in tea) Maybe you can try to put a few tea bags into your bath tub and take a soak? First, let the bags steep for a minute or two in a cup of hot water, just to get it going, then dump the bags in the tub.  I hope you can figure it out. 
    • kansaskitty
      I was diagnosed 2 years ago by my doctor who took one look at my downstairs region and said it was herpes, gave me a script for Valtrex and sent me on my way.  My issue is that recently I've been maybe 2 days OB free between reoccurrences within the past several months and it's driving me crazy and putting a damper on my relationship. I take Valtrex 2x a day everyday, lysine, vitamin b, c, d and Zinc. I have cut out alcohol and coffee. I can't understand why it's so frequent when I thought it was supposed to slow down in frequency. Has anyone else had the same issue?  The only thing I can think of that has changed is I stopped my oral contraceptives and had an IUD inserted in March, and the OBs have definitely increased since then. I also have PCOS polycystic ovary syndrome. I have thoughts that maybe my hormones are to blame.  I have an appointment on Tuesday, where I plan to demand a swab, blood tests and hormone level check but I wanted to see if anyone in this community has had the same issues or can shed any light on what could possibly be going on.  Thanks all!!
    • Kimbo
      I was just folllowing doctor's order at first and he recommended this IgG and IgM tests since the beginning. After i found this site, i learned that blood tests is inaccurate for hsv. i also never notice if there is an option for a swab test for hsv here in the lab where i got tested. I will ask for second opinion from other doctor and a swab test when the symptomps re-appears. i just want to ask from experienced users about: 1. Is it normal to get negative / borderline IgG blood test result in approx 3 years if u do have hsv?? 2. Is there any other std that have the symptoms of on and off blisters regularly (3 to 4 times a year)??
    • Renegadow
      I´ve heard  pro-trump arguments from the guys of the kkk with the same logic,knowing that he publicly repudiates the endorsement(in his time),the hypocrisy both have in common its incredible .And before anyone say anything, I know Hillary is a liar. and one more thing, this was supposed to be a CRISPR topic, maybe Im not the right one to say it,  but there are lot of comments about egos,feelings and now politics, that shouldn't be here.  
    • Friendly78
      Hi edcoop. I've had exactly the same condition as you, for me it started when i had sex without condom with my wife in december last year, it was really like a hell time for me. I couldn't even move, just walking was a lot of pain. There was no cure for that condition, they gave me some antibiotics, which didn't help. It kinda went away for itself but it took awhile and the pain unfortunately was overwhelming.  For me the summer helps a lot, when the sunshine makes my balls better in outside. Also hot baths and sauna are REALLY good for testicles. Avoid sex and masturbation when u are in that state. I really wish u and that condition get better, i certainly know the feeling from experience.
    • dont quit!
      They article didn't post effectiveness of ointment. If the Pritelivir oral med was out; that along with Halfords prophylactic vaccine should do the trick to decrease spread by a lot.
    • dont quit!
      Yes the same President who allowed sales of crack cocaine to the inner cities in order to provide money for Nicaraguan Contras. Who also sold arms illegally to Iran; all while his wife was running the DARE campaign (quite hypocritical). He also ran up a trillion dollar debt and cut taxes for the rich.  I respectfully disagree JB. But thanks for your positivity on the forum. *Reagan also ignored the AIDS epidemic in its first few years of discovery. 
    • JBnATL
      They were using the same scare tactics when Reagan first started running for president and he turned out to be one of the best leaders our country has ever had.   JB
    • cantdoit
      @fixme1Correct. He is creating a preventative. Sure could've used that about six months ago. What I'm praying for is a cure for the already infected. I want this thing out of me. 
    • edcoop
      Hi all,  Any fellow hsv2 suffers experience constant prodome (tingling in penile region) and pain in (right) testicle also feels hot/warm there ?  Not sure if this is herp related or something else?  Any advice ? 
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