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new herpes group in australia

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    • Hester
      Hi Lilibet. I'm toward the end of my first OB (G-HSV1).  I still have a few days left of my Valvacyclovir.  I was diagnosed 6 days ago. I too am having some residual discomfort in the vagina and anal area. Hoping it'll be over soon. This has been so awful.  How long since your symptoms first appeared?
    • Lilibet
      First OB feels like it's on it's way out, sores are fading, I can use the bathroom without crying (this is progress!) and I can sit/stand/walk for periods of time (I am so thankful). Buttttt I'm sore, my vagina and bottom both feel really sore, I'm sure this is all part of the healing process but passing stools still hurts and there are still moments of discomfort. In other people's experience what has helped? I finished aciclovir this morning (5 days), I'm taking 3000mg lysine and vit c, zinc and selenium (to support immune functions). Will sudacream help? I've had a week off work and *have* to go to work on Monday.  I would just like to accelerate this as soon as possible! any recommendations considered!     
    • Sarahbby28
      And I have it orally too! The fact I have both properly suppresses one another too I've only ever had one outbreak with each 
    • Lilibet
      @Prettypony how is it going?  
    • Sarahbby28
      I have type 1 only ever had one outbreak I have a small chance of ever getting another one the doctor even told me most likely I won't 
    • SureWhyNot
      Hello Jeremy. I had my ND appointment yesterday and last month was perfect for me. I was given a homeopathic for my Histamine intolerance and my body responded immediately. It seems this truly is the underlying root problem. It can be fixed with an enzyme replacement. I am back to feeling normal without any indications, just like before I got off track with my own actions. I do truly believe finding the right practitioner for you asap will make a world of difference as they can guide your body individually through this and deal with anything that happens. I am amazed at the supplement price though. Keep looking around if you have other options than this expensive person. I had gotten caught up in a large clinic and that was how they did things too, overpriced. In my ND's office there are 4 ND's and they all practice their arts in different manners. Two of them approach from a listening to the patient for an hour angle. Those visits are over $100.00 each plus supplements. My guy gives 10 minute appointments for $30.00 but uses Applied Kinesiology to ask my body what it needs. When I had my Master Herbalist 25 years ago I was paying $70.00 for a bottle of herbal tincture that was amazing in my body. It lasted a month taking daily so perhaps the herb price has risen that much. I can only reference Canadian pricing in my area. I know if it was Vancouver the prices would be much higher based on their economy. Both my practitioners were/are in small towns outside a larger city. The expensive clinic I was caught up in was in a large city so perhaps that can be a guide for finding someone for you.    
    • Sanguine108
      I'm sorry you gotta go through this. Something worth trying in the more painful/active stages is an herb called japanese knotweed.  The resveratrol supplements will use Japanese knotweed to derive resveratrol from so you should be able to find it locally.   The latin name for Japanese knotweed is Polygonum cuspidatum.   It's an herb that's traditionally used for venereal diseases... It clears the heat and toxicity from the liver channel and the liver channel is associated with the genitalia. There's another supplement called Echinacea Goldenseal from Gaia Herbs.  Call around to see if people actually stock this.   It's another heat/inflammation clearing and immune stimulating formula.  They also have a little st. john's wort in it, which regenerates nerves and is antiviral to HSV. If I were you,  I would do a Sitz bath.  If you have snazzy places to get herbs then great, if not you could try making a garlic sitz bath... Pour a quart of boiling hot water over a chopped bulb of garlic and allow it to steep/infuse until it comes to an appropriate temperature.  Pour the garlic infused water in a basin and sit in it to where it covers the anal and genital areas. Sit for 10-20 minutes.
        You could also prepare a vaginal(and anal) wash...
      Prepare a douche/wash by combing 1 oz of a berberine plant (e.g, goldenseal, barberry, oregon grape...) tincture and 1 oz of lemon balm tincture in a pint of water and use it to douche 3x daily.  OR just get Yin Care, which is a patent vaginal wash for issues like this. Hope this helps and that you have relief. 
    • LynnT
      Oh and about whether or not to disclose, please see my above response to Sarah, it's generally applicable. Good luck.
    • LynnT
      Back to the original post - seems it got lost in the Sarah related chats.  Amandac- I have always told my partners before sex, with one exception (also I have hsv2). It was a scenario just like yours - things moved fast and all the sudden we were in his bed, and yes we used a condom as well. So I felt super guilty after, even though I tried to tell myself as long as we used protection he'd be safe. But I liked him and hated feeling like I was lying to him. So soon after we were texting and I said I needed to tell him something and could we talk later. Well of course he then called me even though I was not ready to have the chat. But he was really concerned for me and so I just blurted it out on the phone and said usually I tell guys first but the other night was such a whirlwind etc. Well he was so mad he hung up on me. Before him I had probably told 8 guys over the prior 9 years and never had any men rejected me. But I felt his reaction was warranted since I told him after the fact. We ended up talking about it over text a lot. He was extremely upset I would risk his health - we had made out in the hottub and rubbed bodies briefly. I cried and apologized over n over, told him I really liked him but I would understand if he didn't want to see me anymore. I said I'd stop texting and if he wanted to talk to me I would let him initiate things. Well it took a few days of silence but he did text me and we hung out and decided to keep on since we really liked each other. Anyways we didn't last because I went back to my ex but that is how I handled that situation. I know text or phone might seem wussy but who cares, it's easier. And the other person isn't put on the spot like they would be in person. Choose a method of communication that makes you comfortable. Good luck to you!!
    • LynnT
      Not having one for years is not a guarantee you'll never have one. Sarah - you seem to want people to agree with you. You keep arguing with what everyone is saying by explaining how you're justifying giving the guy 90% of the truth. What you do is totally up to you, but I think the overall consensus is that total honesty is better, especially if you're serious about the guy. Are you scared adding the word genital to the diagnosis will scare him away? At the very least please be honest to yourself as to why you are only giving him partial truth. Good luck.
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