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We didn't even have sex and now I'm a leper!? Please help...

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Hi all,

I am new here and am hoping for some advice or comisseration. My boyfriend of three months kept stopping everytime we got hot and heavy, then last Wednesday he told me that he needed to tell me something. That something, was that he has herpes (he was diagnosed years ago and doesnt know which kind cause he doesnt get outbreaks). I was shocked, but not worried at all because we'd only ever dry humped and fooled actual sex or full nudity, and I thought you got it from sexual fluids. A few days later I felt like I had the flu and a day or two later the first blisters came. Long story short, I went to the doc and started valtrex, but it appears that I had been exposed days or weeks before he told me, so not only is it on my genitals, but I had herpetic whitlow and am almost 100% sure that its on my chin, cheeks and forehead as well.

Its clearing up now due to the valtrex and my incessant use of supplements, but I am still so so so distraught. I feel like damaged goods...and I am worried for my future, and for my future with a man thats perfect for me but is dealing with his own guilt (he thought he was protecting me by not sleeping with me)

Here are my questions:

I am african american, and I've read lit that says that we really dont really get blisters or lesions because our skin is so thick (mine is very thick and oily). I have been itching on my thighs and forearms, scalp and face but havent seen any blisters or redness. Is this my paranoia and nerves? Am I contagious just because my skin itches or tingles? Could it just be a rash or skin irritation since I have sensitive skin?

I feel like a leper and refuse to shake anyones hand or let me cheek touch when I hug. I won't touch myself ANYWHERE and wear gloves, socks, long sleeves and pants at home. Its driving me insane.....

If I cant see blisters or any evidence of an outbreak other than my genitalia, then how can I have kids knowing that my arm itched, so I may have put it there but cant see it. What if the whitlow comes back and because I have no sores I dont know it and I change their diaper? I am really freaking out....I love him, but can't help but resent him for making me damaged goods and endangering my (possibly our) future children.

Has anyone had a similar experience? Please tell me...Any advice on the relationship or the itching would be so appreciated. Please just put my mind at ease.

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    • SureWhyNot
      I am in Canada so my experience may be different from yours. That really is the hard part. Finding a true healer that can do what they say. I was taken in by a large clinic that I found online. They decided I was not ready for the specific treatment I was there for until they treated my stress. I was given great herbal tonics but the price was high on top of an expensive dr appointment. I was spending a lot of money and going nowhere fast. We all have stress!  Look them up online but I would definitely start with reviews by other patients. Happy people share their experience to help others. You could then reference their standing in their particular practice as they must be registered under a governing body and be accountable to them. When you meet them ask them what they can do for you and how! Ask the price of appointments and supplements to see if they are within your range. They do not just treat or mask the symptoms of illness, they go after the root of it. They work for you so if you are not happy they don't get paid again. If you can find an ND who uses "muscle testing" you may find this a cheaper option. Look it up, you might find it interesting.        
    • betty jaswinda
      Hi, I am Alice Gaty from Houston, Texas, USA. I was living with herpes for almost 8 months, i was not myself, my body was always inchingwith pains until i was on the internet searching for a remedy. So luckily, i was reading testimonials of clients who was cured of herpes by the amazing spell caster named Dr. ODEMI, an ancient spell doctor from West Africa.I contacted him by email, and within 72 hours, my herpes disease was cured up. All thanks to the superb healing spell of Dr.ODEMI. You too can get in contact with him today if you wanna be cured from any sickness you are having by email:
      Thank you so much great one.. I will continue to testify of your goodness to the universe.
    • cvh0007123
      Thank you Free. Your encouraging words reaaally mean a lot!
    • cvh0007123
      I feel that it's a bit of both. I saw our potential but now that this has happened I feel the bastard knew he had herpes!  Some days are good and some are bad. I have distanced myself from him, but it's just hard because we HAD mutual friends (I was friends w/ his guys friends) and I work with the jerk. I questioned quitting my job because of it but my mom went nuts claiming I don't need to get a new one because of him. However you are right, I don't need to settle. I'm in a very bad place atm and just need some downtime. Thank you for the help, it's very appreciated. (:
    • for ev4r
      we are well alone in this it seems that nobody does anything even excision bio, medicine edit .Solo seem to give false hope, kame Kalili says in 5 years maybe but the question is that are necessary for now
    • bye
      I don't unfortunately. How do you think would be the best way to go about it then? Online? I'll definitely look into it if there's something legit that will help, don't want to get mislead or anything.  Thankyou for your reply  
    • MarkHopefull
      Hasn't one of Halford's trial participants stated that his nueropathy has also subsided?
    • for ev4r
      this is an endemic human disease like centuries had other, so it is important that once preached finally discovering a cure for this disease that would have to devote more resources and herradicar and this disgusting disease there are many companies that advertise treatments but none comes wonderful people and this good you stop speculating and get to it while editing with genes or with another technique . many companies announce future clinical trials but then lost in time, should speed up and get seriously this disease takes centuries in humans it is time to clear it, but there are always excuses haldford you have to go no country lost hand god, others as Genocea that only lasts a year his vaccine and does not reduce 100% 100 others like excision, edit they are announcing that they have therapeutic vaccine for accelerate and put means to be approved by fda, for people willing to pay for not be cured, but they focus? .no one knows anything .sanofi pauster just gives the most reliable information desing immune mimetics having a prophylactic that would hold it to be APPROVED what the problem is that even are not available?
    • SureWhyNot
      Do you have access to a Master Herbalist, Traditional Chinese Herbalist/Acupuncturist, Naturopathic Dr. (ND)? If you are considering going naturally, as I have done for 35yrs, you will want the guidance of true trained professionals. I found mine through a phone book back in the good ol' days so it is possible to check their credentials on line now to ensure you are not seeing a charlatan. Now is the time upon initial infection. There is a great deal that can be done. There is a lot of quality guidance using pharma here. You will learn to deal your way on your terms. 
    • for ev4r
      there are some companies that claim to be working on the genetic modification and announce that you can delete the genome of the herpes virus even that good news is not going as fast as we would like excision bio announced in 2018 entered into clinical trials with editing technique genomes for herpes erase our life as Mymetics other prophylactic vaccine halford announces announces the vaccine for hSV-1 and 2 but another prophylactic the question it is when will rush once in these jobs
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