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Hello I just contracted herpes and my medicine is very expensive and i cant afford it. Is there something i can do to to get the sores to leave without meds? Please Help :(

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Try Lysine - it's a vitamin that comes in tablet form. Get the 1000 miligram pils and take 2+ per day. Also do whatever you can do to boost your immune system. Echinacea tea, zinc, and some good old fashioned rest.

I also understand cutting sweets out of your diet helps.

And last generic brands work well too.

Good Luck!

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Thanks for your suggestion. How long have you had herpes? Do you feel tired alot? Im always feel extra tired and cant seemt o get myself to function like I used to. :(

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Tired all the time

My answer to the tired thing goes back to your immune system. Keep your immune system up by eating right and resting. Take a multi vitamin to supplement your diet - especiall one with B's (Stress) C (immune system) zinc (healing properties).

Rhodes - I also sent you a more personal reply.

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