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Bumps around penis under skin?


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Hello everyone I don't know if this is the right newsgroup to post this but

I have a couple questions. I have these small ingrown bumps on the base on

my penis. I am not sexually active so I know it cannot be an std. They have

been there for a couple years now. They appear to be maybe ingrown hairs of

some sort.?? I have a picture if anyone is willing to email me back and take

a look. Possibly folleculis (spelling??) because they are under the skinI have a picture if someone wouldnt mind me email it to you to determine or point me in right direction. Thanks you all in adavnce


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Dude, if you have never had any sexual contact then you dont have a STD, this site concerns herpes, we only know about herpes (well thats not all we know :) we arent doctors, so dont be shy and go to the doctor, he or she should be able to tell you whats up. good luck

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hey man, sounds like the same thing i have. im not sexually active, but i have little bumps all over my penis, im not sexually active either, largely due in part to this, and not knowing what it is. check out this post and look at the website jerry put on there for us and see if its anything like it. http://www.herpes-coldsores.com/messageforum/viewtopic.php?t=1792

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