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Okay, I am 16 years old, and I've NEVER had sex, and i've never had oral sex. I've only done things involving hands, and I'm terrified and unsure how this could be happening to me.

A while back I had this one single pimple looking bump at the top of my vagina &I'm a total hypochondric, so I freaked out, and ended up popping it. I told my mother and she said it was probably just an ingrown hair and that I shouldn't worry about it. It scabbed and went away.

For the past couple of days I've had itching down there, and at first I figured it was just irritation, and so I've been carefully washing it. But now, I've looked with a mirror and it's all red on the lower outer part (nearly identical on both sides) and it looks like red bumps are there/forming. I've looked at the symptoms of genital herpes and it says that it starts out as itching and goes to red bumps. I am so completely scared and worried but I don't understand how I could have it if i've never had oral or actual sex.

I'm telling my mother in the morning, but right now I've scared myself so badly I can't sleep. What do you think it is? Is this herpes?

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Honey, dont panic. I doubt that you have herpes.. you need to have sex to get genital herpes. you can go to the doctor and get a exam and blood tests to find out.. but try to think positive, i would be soooo suprised if you have Herpes :D Let us know how it goes, I cant wait for you to tell us that you dont have it and that you will always protect yourself and be careful so you dont ever get it!! :wink:

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I'm still so worried. Is there a chance I could get it..like if I touched a guy's penis and then a few minutes later touched anywhere around my mouth? I don't think I've ever done that, but it's been a really long time since I've done anything with a guy that could be even slightly questionable. The one guy that seems questionable in my mind didn't touch me, but I touched him for a minute or two, and I don't remember ever touching my mouth but I could have, it was like 2 years ago.

Is it at all possible for me to get it like that? That's the only way I can think of that would explain it. Meh. :( I'm so scared about all this. How can I have herpes?! There are people that sleep with tons of people and never get anything and I don't sleep with anyone and suddenly I'm getting weird itchy bumps down there.


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HI again, good news. you cant get genital herpes like that. If you touch a guys penis who is having an outbreak and then you touch your mouth, you would technically get the herpes on your mouth and or on your hand. you dont have coldsores on your mouth or on your fingers right?? The only way you could get herpes on your vagina is if his infected area rubbed on the area that is bothering you down there. Honestly you dont have herpes!

?! There are people that sleep with tons of people and never get anything and I don't sleep with anyone and suddenly I'm getting weird itchy bumps down there.

Your right thats true some people never get it, but most of us here never have just slept around, must of us got it from a boyfriend. It only takes one time having sex to get a std.

honey dont stress at all, im like totally positive you dont have it. go to the doc and find out what kind of irritation you have and then the doc will treat it and you will be happy again :D

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-sigh of relief- The guy I touched didn't have any type of sores I could see (because I think if he did I wouldn't have touched him!), and really I don't even know if I touched anywhere around my mouth when it happened. It was so long ago; That's just the only way I figured it could happen. I didn't have any sores on my fingers; I've gotten cold sores before, but I rarely get them and I have gotten them ever since I was little.

His, nor anyone else's penis for that matter, has ever touched the area I'm having the problem with. I told my mother about all of it and she's made an appointment for Friday for me. I'm just going to get checked, and tested for everything under the sun. I just keep making the mistake of reading all these symptoms over and over again and getting paranoid. My mom keeps telling me "You said it yourself, you've never had sex or oral sex, so how could you have anything? It's just an irritation."

I just need some kind of scientific proof to put my mind at ease. Thank you so much for replying to me these two times. I've just been worried out of my mind about all this.

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I wish you wouldn't have said that.

Someone just told me you can get herpes just by touching-- Like through the skin of your hand, even if you didn't touch your own genitals, but that if you touched someone infected it could go through your hand. And now I"m so scared again. I think it's getting worse or something. :(

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Well I still know the guy but he's a real asshole. :\ And I touched him like 2 years ago, since then I hear he's had tons and tons of "sexual escapades" and I've even heard that HE has herpes, but whether or not all of that is true, I have no idea. It could just all be rumors, I don't know.

I'm going to the doctors tomorrow, so I guess we'll see.

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