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Hi everyone :-D,

Over the past few months I have struggled as all do with being diagnosed with this disease. I was affraid in God's eyes that it has made me a bad or dirty person. I have lost alot of faith because of getting it the way I did and at the young age of 17. I hope in some retrospect there is some reason I got this because there is a reason for everything right? If anyone has some advice, support or aything to help regain some faith I would appreciate it.



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I'm not a devout Christian, although I once was. I was raised in the church, though, and the roots of faith are still alive, so maybe I can share with you what I believe.

You say you think that having herpes makes you "a bad or dirty person" in God's eyes. I don't think that could be further from the truth. If anything, I believe it makes you more precious. God doesn't desert us. He never turns his back. If you feel estranged from God, it's because you have lost sight of him, not the other way around.

I read a lot of posts by people questioning why God caused this to happen, or allowed it to happen. I don't believe he caused it at all, or even allowed it. We all have free will to make our own choices, but all of the choices we make have consequences... some good, some bad, but whichever, we have to accept them. We can be angry, shake our fist in God's face, and lay the blame for our frailties on him, or we can humble ourselves, admit our mistakes, and move forward with as much grace as we can muster. The former takes us further away from God. The latter moves us closer.

We are all flawed. If we held ourselves up to the light of perfection, we would all find ourselves sorely wanting. He knows that, and accepts that of us.. even expects it of us. We are far harsher in judging ourselves than he ever was, or will be. We can fail him, disappoint him, even reject him, but he sees us for who we really are, in spite of our flaws. I think, actually, our weaknesses endear us to him more than our strengths, for it is our weakness that causes us to turn to him, to seek him out, to embrace his power. When we're most lost, he is most willing to lead us back to safety.

Our mistakes are not an affront to God. We may find them loathsome, but he doesn't. I think, in God's eyes, our weaknesses light the way to him, our mistakes are the path to finding him, and our sorrows are his invitation for us to accept grace. To him, you are not "bad and dirty". You're just an errant child in need of compassion.

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Hey there,

I know how you're feeling. It seems as if people think "christian with herpes" is an oximoron...but that is so not true! God is not angry with you, He does not think you are dirty, and he didn't give this to you to punish you. God gave us free will, and in a world with free will sin and bad things do exist. If God took away all of the "bad stuff" or controlled "bad things happening to good people" it would be inhibiting free will.

No one is free from sin, and God doesn't look at you any differently than anyone else. He is full of mercy and grace and loves you know matter what happens. All you have to do is accept it.

Check out this website: http://SpecialUser1234.com/herpes/christian-testimony.html

There's a lot of encouraging things on there.

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    • Actan16
      Good day..... can someone here from philippines, i have some questions about herpes, i haven’t tested yet because im kinda afraid...but i do experience some symptoms and outbreak, i did my check up during outbreak then the doctor gave me antiviral for 3 days medication, after that my outbreaks healed for almost a week..the doctor said i need to comeback after 3 days but I didn’t because im afraid...i hope i can talk to someone about this....
    • Random Doc
      The answer to this question is probably somewhere between most of them and all of them. As a point of clarity, you can do a blood test to see if your body has made antibodies to HSV 1 and/or HSV 2. The majority of people have been exposed to HSV 1 which normally causes cold sores around the mouth but is more often clinically silent. The percentage of people with exposure to HSV 2 is between about 20% and 40% with only some of these people having any outbreaks at all. That means that about every third poster on this forum has had an exposure to HSV 2 and probably doesn't know it. About 15% of Americans have genital herpes outbreaks. To the pornstar who said she didn't get it in the industry, she actually does not know where she got it. It could come from your first partner, last partner, or some partner in between. You can get genital HSV 1 from oral sex and not have an outbreak until years later and still have no idea who gave it to you. It is usually transmitted when an outbreak is not present. HSV is more or less a normal consequence of sex. Most people who have been exposed don't know they have been and are subject to 0 outbreaks or outbreaks every couple of months or when they get stressed. While I do know porn performers who are told not to film when they have an outbreak, antibody testing is relatively expensive when the result will not change someone's clinical outcome unless they choose to take Valtrex for prophylaxis, so it is not routine, nor is it routine if you go to your doctor for an STD check-up. These performers have unprotected skin-on-skin genital contact on a regular basis. It would be basically be impossible for a porn performer to not have a latent infection after 10-20 filmed scenes. That would be about 8 skin-to-skin contacts with herpes patients even if they were just having sex with random people in the general population, Add heavy partner porn performers to the equation, especially given the fact that the men are exposed to over 100 women in just a few years, and it is basically not possible that they don't have the virus.
    • WilsoInAus
      Hey @MyWarrior I think speaking further with your penis issues would be a good idea. We can't really tell much about what it might be, but it sure does not sound like genital herpes at all. Note that oral herpes causes issues orally and not anywhere on the body such as the penis.
    • WilsoInAus
      Hey @Ifeelempty that looks a fairly standard fordyce spot inflammation or abrasion. Herpes lesions (which would be much more significant than that if recently infected!) do not present like that, and you certainly wouldn't squeeze them with your finger nails (the pain would prevent that!).
    • toxakamaz
      just don't disclose and move on with life. 95% don't disclose
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