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Has Tea Tree Oil helped anyone with coldsores?

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I read that it can help coldsores heal. I put pure tea tree oil on my lip and it seems to be helping it scab over, but it's still taking a while even with the valtrex my doc gave me. Anyone else use tree tree oil or another natural antiseptic?

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I knocked an oral, upper lip outbreak this weekend down to under 3 days of visibility...from "crap, a bump" to "can't see anything." Regular double doses of aspirin to minimize swelling (Don't overlook; it helps noticeably. Make sure it's the no caffeine formula.), 3grams oral lysine per day, and lysine topical coldsore cream alternating with tea tree oil until the spreading stops, then tea tree oil only...pull it into an eyedropper and drip a drop or two on, dab off excess. Once it's healing, soak it in the shower, follow up with hydrogen peroxide, and rub off the white dead skin with a towel. Minimal scarring - if you start the lysine quick enough, it may abort prior to appreciable blistering. Oh, and sleep like crazy. You heal faster. Fast a little when it's on the upswing to minimize viral transmission, eat everything in sight once you're healing.

3 days start to finish'; if I'd started the lysine the night before, betcha I could have done faster than that. It's not a cure, but it's as fast of a fix as I've managed so far. Maybe this routine will help someone else.

I got this plague when I was 10, compliments of makeup shared in a school play of all the idiot, unfair things, and have confirmed giving it to at least 2 girlfriends accidentally when I thought I was asymptomatic & noncontagious. It fills me with hate, and if this latest lucky dame doesn't work out...and I'm gonna try like hell, because I broke it, I'm gonna buy it... I'm done. I'll content myself with pr0n.

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Tea Tree Oil...Try It today

I never would have beleived it.

I have tried everything from home remedies to expensive topical treatments. Every outbreak Ive had has lasted at least two weeks. Not true this time.

I have a very important public engagement this coming weekend and I was mortified on Sunday morning to find that familiar tickle. The cold sore had reared its ugly head.

I reached for the Aleev because while nothing has ever worked, at least with the Aleev it might be something less than two weeks but my public enagagement would still be an emabarrassing experience. My girlfriend began what I considered a futile attempt to find a better remedy. When she found Tea Tree Oil, I thought I would amuse her, the depression and anguish set in. I tried the first application of 100% strength Australian Tea Tree oil and at least I had made my girlfriend happy by trying. I was astonished, almost immediately, I notived a difference. The blisters began to dry within an hour. In fact the blisters never actualy fully developed and just one day after break out, it was laready beginning to scab. I have never had an experience like this in all of my years of breakouts. It's now Tuesday, just two days since inflammation and the scab is nearly gone and redness subsiding. I just can't beleive all of the money I have spent and anguish I have experienced. Tea Tree Oil full strength works. I can't wait for my event this weekend. From first breakout to completely gone in less than five days !!! Try it

Oh and also, I applied every two hours or so...it was worth my time

Mike Pacheco

Weare, NH

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After dealing with these monsters every few months or so (mouth cold sores) since I was 7, I finally tried tea tree oil last night. They were doing that constant weepy oozy thing that's gross and embarassing and uncomfortable, and I remember using tea tree oil to dry up pimples and an infected nose piercing in the past. So I swabbed a little on there, it smelled awful and made my mouth go numb, but now even the next day - no oozing! These sores just popped up 16 hours ago & are already seeming to heal over.

It should be noted that I also take Valtrex twice a day (during breakout only), as well as 3g Lysine daily (also during breakout only). Topically I try to stick with plain old chapstick just to keep them from drying out & cracking. I am also a big fan of 800mg motrin every 8 hrs around the clock, to keep swelling down..and ice if needed. And I am definitely a blister popper, I just can't stand them un-broken. Yuck.

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    • AlexUobby
      Hey, @WilsoInAus thank you for replying.  Just those symptoms and this thread and some other thread on medhelp, I am so regretted and afraid. Thank you for your kind reply. When such sores come out again, I will definitely have a swab test.  It was so hard to get back to normal life. 
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    • WilsoInAus
      Hey @AlexUobby you have a 16 week test result that is conclusively negative. You have not had lesions at the possible site of entry to your body for the virus.  That does add up to a closed case, no genital herpes (or soup) for you!
    • AlexUobby
    • AlexUobby
      Hey, it has been a while. I have posted before and received great help. But I got a new situation here.  1. A few days ago, I found 2 round scabs on the right side of my butt cheek. And then it occurs to me that I have the similar scabs in this area in January. I can't get a swab test because it has developed scabs.  But to be honest, it really looks like some pictures of herpes. I was very confused. And I noticed some marks of dried blood nearby. Can we say it was not herpes because lesions caused by herpes don't bleed? I have the obsession, always want to use my hand to scratch my butt. Last time it showed up, I thought it might be the cause. 2. Several days ago, I found some cut-like lesions on my right groin, too. The same lesions have showed up on the 21 day of my exposure, but it healed on the 24 day. And I have seen the same lesions showed up on March 24. They were always on my right groin. Never see one on there left. I sent the pictures to 2 doctor online(because of the pandemic), they both thought it wasn't herpes.  The hospitals in my city don't offer swab test,  so I must go to the city nearby. When such lesions show up next time, I will have a swab test.  1) Can we say the first lesions were not herpes because it bleed?  2) Can we say the second lesions were not herpes because the initial outbreak was so short?  3) I know recurrent herpes can show up in the box short area. But is it possible it changes its place in just 5 months?  3 week Capita HSV I and II Igg negative 6 week Capita HSV I and II Igg negative Roche Elecsys HSV I and II Igg negative HSV II Igg = 0.06(0.5~1.0 grey zone) 12 week a test produced by a company call Dia.pro HSV I Igg negative  HSV II Igg positive I did the same test 3 times, the value is 1.2, 1.4, 1.9 16 week Capita HSV I and II Igg negative Roche Elecsys HSV I and II Igg negative HSV II Igg = 0.073(0.5~1.0 grey zone)
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