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a bit of history...

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there is herpes, a virus that causes cold sores and other stuff. the bible, a lifestyle where you believe that everything happens because of gods will. It's just not possible that some invisible all knowing force named god who lived on earth once as jesus actually controls every action on earth. Life is about decisions. The bible is just a fictional book which is truly catastrophic to mankind. I believe that the jewish people invented the bible and all the crazy stories in order to undermine and destroy rome. they did this because rome destroyed jerusulem all those years ago. As a consequence, rome fell, and christianity thrived. Blessed are the meak, and turn the other cheek? this is suicide. It is specifially stated in the talmoud which is a jewish faith book that all non-jews are cattle. They look at you as their slaves. Why would someone turn the other cheak if they were slapped?

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history lesson

Be careful about intertwining your personal opinion/conjecture and history there, Bologna:

Year 00 - Jesus is born, according to the Christian calendar

Year 33 - historical date for Jesus's cruxifiction

Year 67 - Nero burns Rome, blames it on fringe Jewish group following Jesus

Year 70 - fall of Jerusalem

Year 306 - Constantine made Emperor of Rome

Year 312 - Constantine converts to and legalizes Christianity -- "strongly encourages" Roman citizens to switch from Paganism to Christianity

Year 325 - Constantine "convenes" the Council of Nicea (read: lock the bishops in a room, until they create an answer to the mounting argument that Christianity is a polytheistic religion, due to Jesus also being God) -- the Nicene Creed is created

Year 380 - Christianity is made the official religion of the Roman Empire by Emperor Theodosius; it must be accepted by all Roman citizens

Year 476 - Fall of the Roman Empire

Christianity thrived due to the strong-arm influences of Constantine, and due to Theodosius making it the mandatory state religion of Rome -- it was clearly thriving well before the fall of Rome approximately 100 years later.

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the history of rome is very long, with many emperors. It took a long time of there currency falling apart, and stretching there empire too far to completely fall. A lot of whats going on in our country. Juluis Ceasar was pretty much the end of rome, and everything went downhill from there. constantine declares christianity the official religion of rome, than rome falls to pieces. It fell apart internally. what this has to do with HSV, very little. you made my point, solvingtheproblem.

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I apologize for stepping away momentarily from the intent of this thread, but I hope the Christians reading it won't mind the Christian history lesson while I straighten a few things out here...

Juluis Ceasar was pretty much the end of rome, and everything went downhill from there. .

I have to disagree with you: here's a map of the Roman empire in 44 BC, when Julius Caesar died. Here's a map of the Roman empire in 337 AD, when Constantine died. I don't understand how you can consider that considerable amount of expansion -- and the resulting historical influence of such annexed areas as England --"downhill"...

constantine declares christianity the official religion of rome, than rome falls to pieces. It fell apart internally.

Constantine legalized it in 313...Theodosius made it the state religion in 380. But Constantine was responsible for creating many of the Christian religious sites we are familiar with today -- paid for in part by Pagans who were too scared to go against the religious wishes of their emperor. Drawing a correlation between the public acceptance of Christianity and the downfall of the Roman Empire 150 years later is something I'd like to see some facts for. As you rightfully mentioned, the empire fell apart internally for many reasons...I just don't see any proof that the proliferation of Christianity is one of them.

you made my point, solvingtheproblem.

??? I think I refuted pretty well that Christianity was thriving well before the fall of Rome, and had nothing to do with Jewish people creating the bible to get retribution on Rome for the fall of Jerusalem as you claimed, and "as a consequence, rome fell, and christianity thrived." I just don't think you can factually claim that there was a Jewish-based conspiracy to -- for retribution -- bring down the Roman empire via Christianity. The Jewish people certainly didn't benefit greatly, or for very long, with the fall of Rome or the proliferation of Christianity. Just read Constantine's Sword.

I can assure you that Jewish texts were around LONG before the Roman Empire (10th century BCE at least) -- so to say that they were created to bring down the Roman empire is historically incorrect. Now, if you want to talk about the politics behind the creation/canonization of the books in the Christian Bible (aka New Testament) in 363-419 AD I'll be happy to do that in a private conversation.

-- now returning the thread conversation to its original topic --

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