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Cold Sore Scar-Suicide


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Have you tried looking into positive singles for dating? Also, you'd be suprised if you commonly mention cold sores to someone how many will reply like it's no big deal that they have them! Give yourself a chance with women before you right a relationship off try talking to them what could be the worst thing to happen you end up in a great relationship instead of the latter? I'll give you a little tip. Maturity, honesty, confidence, and a great personality is what makes us women really dig men. Go in confident, tell her the truth with all the facts, if she is immature and rejects you her loss and you wouldn't want her anyways! If she is unsure, just ask her if she's ever been tested, say you might have it and not know which is truthful and ask if she'd get tested to find out.

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Butterfly of the Moment

I have a COUPLE scars on my lip from coldsores too b/c I couldn't stand the scab on my lip and wiped it off...fortunately it's not bad...listen, at one point I only had coldsores (hsv1)....having that I did not hold back at all as far as dating and kissing go...a large portion of the population gets coldsore and yes, most don't consider it herpes...the stigma is generally associated with genital herpes. I'm just saying if you are all those things that are wonderful about you, telling someone you get coldsores is a piece of cake to me...most likely they have had one too and if they don't then give them the choice. If you get involved with someone, make sure you like them and let them know your situation...if you are hot, smart, and a genuine good guy then I'd risk catching it (if i was a non infected girl)...you seem to try to control and prevent transmission so their chances of catching it are low...also, why are you afraid of transmitting herpes through sex (you don't have genital herpes right...or are you talking about oral sex? I say get your potential partner tested so they don't give you something...I'd rather have oral herpes than genital herpes and I have BOTH...even worst in my opinion even though I rarely get outbreaks.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Thanks for the replies guys. I've got a few dates and I've actually told two of the girls about it. They were accepting, but I still felt a little awkward and did not continue things. So, I haven't kissed anyone in four months.

It's been four months since the last cold sore; it appears that my recurrent outbreaks are going away. I am entering latency like I had for a five year period. I'm feeling confident that the virus will is dormant again like it was for five years.

In the past three months, I have gained 15 pounds. I'm back to my normal weight of 165 pounds. My immune system also seems to have strengthened.

After being assaulted in January, I suffered a lot of internal bleeding and nosebleeds. I slowly was losing weight no matter how much I ate. My lowest weight was about 150 pounds. Maybe it was stress, maybe something else.

I really think I had an iron deficiency. Losing all that blood and not taking supplements with iron in them probably harmed my system.

Whatever was wrong with me, I seem to have fixed it by supplementing iron, selenium, exercising, eating healthy etc.

Anyways, I met a really great girl last week. She's about five years younger than me but we get along really well. She even said she's never felt such an immediate connection with someone before. A kiss will probably happen in the next week. And in the next date or two I'll let her know about my not-so-common cold sores and the scar they left as a parting gift.

And the scar-it has slightly faded more but it's still there. I don't think it will ever look normal. It also feels weird, slightly inflamed if I run my finger over it. Like scar tissue underneath.

My advice.

1. Never pick a scab! You will cause yourself a lot more grief than you had in the first place. Don't use purell or alcohol. That may have led to the scarring too.

2. Take supplements, correct deficiencies.

3. Lead a healthy life. Healthy diet, exercise, friends, laughter, family, job security.

Some message board info I found about iron and herpes:

"Since I received this over 2 years ago, I breakout about every 4-6 weeks. To combat this I started experimenting with vitamins, beginning with a multi and potassium. The outbreaks slowed down some.

But about 4 months ago when my prodromes started flaring up, I began taking my gf's prescription 'ferrous sulfate 325mg'(iron pills), one per day. She wasn't taking the pills anymore because it was meant for a temporary anemic condition that got better (heavy 'periods'). So yea, I took one per day, and after the 3rd day (3rd pill), my prodromes up and disappeared, and no successive outbreak.

Again, i've been breaking out every 4-6 weeks for close to 3 years, and after the iron pills, I haven't had an outbreak in about 4 months.

Normally, it's not smart to take others' prescription meds, but I researched ferrous sulfate extensively before I took them. AND, after the prodromes stopped, I CEASED taking the iron pills."

"I have suffered from cold sores on lips, inside nose and in and around the right eye (totally horrible). After much research and a detailed blood analysis from a qualified naturopath, I found I had low zinc and iron levels, both heavily implicated in the root cause for the HSV-1 virus to "flare up". In conjunction with this, the majority of people consume significant quantities of products containing white flour (ie, most breads, cakes, muffins etc.) which contain high levels of gluten. Gluten has been scientifically proven to lower a large proportion of humans' immune systems (some more than others). As a result I COMPLETELY eliminated white flour and pasta products and substituted them with spelt, rye or kamut breads, flours, pastas etc. Not only are these products enormously higher in nutritional value, they are a hundred times tastier. I instantly felt a difference in overall energy levels as these products are more easily digested and have far lower GI ratings. This will have a significant impact on your immune system. In conjunction with this, if you are low in zinc or iron levels (only a qualified naturopath or GP can diagnose this) as I was, taking supplemental iron and zinc in picolinate forms (highly absorbable for people with lower immune systems) will assist greatly. Other advice is to completely eliminate alcohol, and sleep well every night, not most, all. Further, as everyone knows but does not adhere to, only eat products made from the above mentioned ingredients, lots of salads, vegetables and fruits and I guarantee if you abide by all my advice (as I do), you WILL NOT get cold sores ever, unless there is an underlying issue (such as severe health conditions OR people who have anger management issues). A normal everyday person WILL benefit as I have, the food you eat is crucial"

Hope my experience and this information I have dug up helps.

Also, any way to change the topic thread? I want to get rid of the S word.

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Please do not and i repeat DO NOT KILL YOURSELF!!!!!! It is soooo not worth it. There are so many people with this virus. It's not worth it what so ever!

You are a young man, and you know saving yourself for the right woman...is not a bad thing...is hot. You seem like great guy...the way you described yourself..an amazing man. Any girl would be lucky to have you. Having HSV-1 is not to bad...all you have to do it get it back undercontrol. You may have a scar....but it's not a big deal. Most people probably won't even care about it. I have a scar on my lip...i had a coldsore when I was younger...it lightened up and I don't even see it anymore.

Please if you are thinking about killing yourself call someone...talk to someone. If you want private message me..i don't mind meeting and talking to new people. I hope you feel better!

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I had herpes on my lower lip, chin, and neck. I too thought of suicide, but i realized that it wasn't worth it. I had a scar on my lip for about two months, and still have scars on my chin and neck, but the mark on my lip eventually went completely away, it just took a while. Please dont kill yourself, there are so many more important things in life than a perfect appearance.

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nobody is going to hate you for having a scar on your face/lips. i have a HUGE scar on my face from a being hit with golf club when i was younger. theres scars on my legs from barbed wire, and scars on my feet from broken glass. i have scars, and i have herpes and sure sometimes i feel like shit but you CAN get out of depression. for years i struggled with depression, but trust me that does not have to be a way of life. i cant count how many times ive thought of killing myself, but now that thought never crosses my mind. THINGS CAN AND WILL GET BETTER. IF YOU NEED HELP GO GET IT. god wont give you anything he doesnt think you can handle. good luck and stay strong.

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  • 1 year later...

um dont kill yourself over it

i been having cold sores for 10 years already, yeah it looks bad but there are preventions for it, i just had one last week, i got a scar/scab which ever now so i have Scar Zone on it but before my recent outbreak , i haven't got one for a whole year, what i did was take 1000-1500 mg of Lysine a day , one tablet of B-Complex vitamin and drink lots of water ( well i only drank one bottle of water and the rest Vitamin water lol i need some type of flavor) but when you feel it tingling then take 3000 mg of Lysine n put abreva on (in my opinion its just a little effective but its better than nothing)

but like i said in the beginning , dont kill yourself because of cold sores, a lot of people have it

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I'm 22 years old. I love to be healthy and happy. I got it from my ex husband cheating on me. I was a wreck when I found out. I was embarrassed and ashamed. I was 19 at the time and I thought I could never meet anyone. I only recently started to get more comfortable with it. Having the right people around you helps a lot. I've remarried to a loving soldier who accepts me the way I am. Having it has actually made my judgement better when it comes to lovers and close friends. There's a lot of people out the looking for a attractive man with his shit together. The scarring is normal it will happen. Tell anyone that you sleep with that you have it and always use protection. If they don't accept you the way you are they aren't worth your time. It's not worth killing yourself over I don't even use medication and when there's a breakout it does suck but there's still so many amazing things in your life you'll miss out on if you kill yourself over this.

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Survive - just know that both cold sore, and acne scars, heal over time and will eventually not be noticeable. This may take up to a year or longer but just know that they do go away eventually, it just takes time. I've got 3 cold sore scars on my lip right now, 2 bottom, 1 top, and in 3 months they have definitely faded. It may not seem like they have faded because u are looking at them everyday, but if you get a new cold sore, just compare how that one looks to the scars... the scars will look like nothing, when in fact, that is what they used to look like (like the massive red cold sore).

All the best, and I can relate to everything you are saying.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hey, it seems like a lot of your concerns are about passing the virus on to someone else. You commented that you have a very easy time with women, so maybe this seems counter-intuitive, but have you considered one of the online dating sites for people with HSV? If you are meeting women that already have it, you wouldn't have to worry. And, there are a lot of people like you (and me) who haven't been promiscuous, live a healthy lifestyle and have this. Maybe they are on those websites too.

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Wow! I am in shock at how stigmatised you feel about coldsores. Maybe its a US thing...? Im from the UK and coldsores are nothing! Nobody cares about them at all. Ok you dont kiss someone or share straws with some1 when they have them...but you definitely shouldnt feel like that and im very sad that you do...I dont want to seem like im trivialising the pain you feel because im not im just sad at the situation.

I have the downstairs kind and I would kill to swap with you lol. Best wishes to you. Peace out x

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Hey SurviveAndThrive,

Not sure if you still read this thread. I found this by searching "i get cold sores and want to kill myself" in Google. When I read your post I was shocked, I couldn't believe someone was writing my life story, point for point. Everything you said is how I've been living my life, except for the scar part, so far I've healed okay (knock on wood). I'm not here to try to save you, or give you false hope.

I'm not even sure if you're still around to read this. Guess I'll see you on the other side...I can't live with the fear/guilt of ruining someone's life by giving them my cold sores-fuck it, by giving them my herpes. I have to accept what I have and my fate.

Some people just don't understand suicide. It's the furthest thing from selfish, we are doing it to save the rest of you. We are taking the problem/infection out of the equation.

One thing to think about:

If you are going to do something important, be ready because, "you're going to carry that weight."

I wish you the best in your decision and I want you to know that you won't be judge by at least one human, me.

Peace, brother.

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  • 8 years later...

A reference for anyone reading this thread: it's estimated that 67% of the global adult population has HSV-1. Probably more than 75% have some form of herpes simplex when combined with HSV-2. (source)

Most people get infected in childhood, non-sexually, have a few cold sores and then have very few reoccuring outbreaks the rest of their life. Some unlucky people get outbreaks more often.

Most people don't know even know they're infected, and cold sores are so prevalent that most people don't consider it a "bad" thing. Hence the irony that genital herpes is stigmatized but oral herpes is not, even though the same virus causes them.

Learning you're infected for life with a virus can be hard at first. But you have to put it in perspective. We all harbor lifelong infections of bacteria, viruses, and parasites. Most of those are harmless, or cause minor side effects, and are part of our normal skin, mouth, gut, and genital microbiomes. If you don't think you have parasites living on your body just google Demodex and be amazed.

There exists a whole family of herpes viruses. These all commonly infect humans:

  • Herpes Simplex
  • Varicella Zoster Virus (Chickenpox)
  • Cytomegalovirus
  • Epstein-Barr Virus (Mono)
  • HHV6

Notice how only one of these are routinely stigmatized? Over 90% of adults are infected with EBV alone, but I never hear anyone freaking out about that.

So my point is, with ignorance comes fear. With knowledge comes humility. We are little more than bags of flesh and bones. Every single one of us infected. Adjust your world view and carry on with life.

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