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Acne vs cold sores

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Can there be confusion between bumps around my mouth or nose and cold sores? I sometimes get bumps on my temple on both sides of my face also. The bumps seem to occur symmetric at times. That is, if I get a bump near (not on) my upper lip on the right side of my face, maybe a week (or less) later I'll see a similar bump on the right side of my face, opposite the first bump. A couple of times I ended up looking like Frankenstein (bolts on either side of his head)

I'm just trying to determine what the difference is between cold sores and cystic acne around my mouth, nose and face. I've never had a break out on my lips. But I always hear that cold sores can be anywere on your face. Is this true? And can it be mistaken for acne?

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    • OhFuckMyDickHurts
      Lower your stress levels. I kid you not in trials there are people in the placebo groups who sometimes report improvements although they're getting nothing. 
    • hopeful Rylee
    • hopeful Rylee
    • Hester
      I'm taking the same. (Except not the St. Johns Wort.) I'm also taking Zinc tablets and garlic capsules. My Lysine is only 500mg tabs. How much Lysine are you taking a day?  I've been taking one 500 mg am and one 500 mg pm. 
    • thebear123
      Interesting. Well first off, I'm sorry this happened to you. Again, it's a good thing we both found this website for support and knowledge. If I can find a way to get even a half decent photo next time it occurs, I'll message it to you or share it. It's interesting how ours has a seemingly "less common" presentation— it's like our partner just thought they had acne or something like it. What tests did you take? PCR? IgG? 
    • luvlost
      Faith i was on acolvy the generic brand i had no side effects kinda made my acne worse
    • Prettypony
      I was unfortunately diagnosed just as I was starting a new relationship with a fantastic guy. I thought for sure he'd head for the hills when I told him, but he surprised me and said "I've been through way worse, herpes is not the end of the world, its not a big deal, and it definitely is not a deal breaker for me. I am not going to leave you ." So have faith, there are really good, understanding men out there, who will not have an issue with this. As for disclosing, I wouldn't disclose to anyone that you do not have a serious relationship with, unless you are considering continuing to have a sexual relationship with them, then you should disclose. Give them the facts, and then let them decide if they want to continue the relationship. Suppressive therapy, and the use of condoms greatly reduces your risk (less then 2% chance) of spreading this to male partners. You will still have a sex life, and you will always find someone to share your life with regardless of the hsv. 
    • WilsoInAus
      The reason is that type may be at issue if the swab was not correctly typed. HSV-2 may have just been assumed given the genital location. However given you have had just the one outbreak and oral sex was involved, then HSV-1 may be a possibility.  HSV-1 is something your partner could have had since childhood. I would also suggest that your partner could get a blood test straight away and this will help you understand what types were at risk.
    • WilsoInAus
      First of all let's have a think about your diagnosis.  Did you have a swab or blood test and what were the results?
    • Marian
      Hi,   I am a female in my early 20's and i was just diagnosed with Herpes. I have multiple partners and don't usually use condoms. There was an unfortunate event that happened where i was drunk and wasn't totally aware when i was having sex as i forget things when i am too drunk. I knew the person but not too well.  He was aware i was drunk and i only remember vivid moments that night. I am sure it was that guy. I just don't know how to come to terms with this. It was my mistake, i know and i accept. But the most problem i'm worried about is future partners or partners i'm already seeing of how to tell them and how to go on with having sex. 
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