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Acne vs cold sores

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Can there be confusion between bumps around my mouth or nose and cold sores? I sometimes get bumps on my temple on both sides of my face also. The bumps seem to occur symmetric at times. That is, if I get a bump near (not on) my upper lip on the right side of my face, maybe a week (or less) later I'll see a similar bump on the right side of my face, opposite the first bump. A couple of times I ended up looking like Frankenstein (bolts on either side of his head)

I'm just trying to determine what the difference is between cold sores and cystic acne around my mouth, nose and face. I've never had a break out on my lips. But I always hear that cold sores can be anywere on your face. Is this true? And can it be mistaken for acne?

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    • fixme1
      If something succeeds and gets media coverage, numbers and demand will surely put pressure on the us's fda wouldnt it.?
    • Lisajd
      I live in the sun and get no obs from it.  its so individual!
    • Free73
      Prolonged direct sun exposure can trigger outbreaks. I go to the beach quite regularly in summer and when my upper thigh (a source of outbreaks) is exposed to the sun, an outbreak will begin to form.
    • Free73
      Especially more important for women to do compound movements as women have naturally very low testosterone levels. Compound movements will stimulate and release maximal testosterone which is the building block for building muscle
    • Lisajd
      Only you think he deserves better.   You got through all the other awful situation. This is a walk in the park
    • boricacid
      @Shy_sarah Hi!  Welcome.  I disclosed to my partner and he chose to stay, despite saying he would "kill himself if he ever got herpes."  Good luck, calm honesty is the best policy, equipped with facts.  
    • dont quit!
      If Halford could nail a vaccine that works >80%, I would consider that a success. Say for example that his vaccine is that effective for a period of 10 years like the tetanus vaccine then that would be awesome. A prophylactic with an effective therapeutic would be just right. It has the potential to be super effective due to some of the vaccine going into latency which helps the immune system memory t cells.  His vaccine would inject billions of viruses that would not be able to reach latency (except for a small amount) and teach the immune system to recognize and destroy HSV. In theory this should work. Billions of antibodies and t cells against a few thousand live viruses. Who do you think is going to win?
    • WilsoInAus
      Let's start with how did you find out you had herpes?
    • WilsoInAus
      It is pretty unlikely that the incident 5 years ago was the source of HSV-2. This overwhelmingly will have come from a longer term partner. It is pretty clear that you have not had a herpes outbreak in the last couple of weeks, the behaviour you describe is not like a herpes lesion. Yes you can survive this, in fact the 5 billion people in the world with herpes do so much more than survive, they thrive with herpes! Your man will love you regardless of HSV status, with or without antivirals which it seems like you do not need.
    • dont quit!
      Then keep on waiting while everyone else will get their symptoms under control and confidence back. Fuck the FDA.
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