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Water Sports/Massage/Salsa Dancing

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Hello I am in No. California and will be going on vacation, I would like to know if it is safe to be around family members in the pool and jacuzzi?

Also, is it unsafe to get a massage?

I have been considering Salsa dancing and have noticed some cuts and scrapes on my hands, does this mean I have it on my hands now and should not engage in this type of exercise?

Finally, how on earth can one feel adequate or any sense of wholeness with this disease? I am really struggling emotionally and have tried three different therapists but they seem as clueless as my doctor. I really don't know what else to do.


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First, well i will say that in a humurous way: you are not a walking herpes transmitor! :) You should not keep yourself from enjoying the thinsg you love doing!

It is not THAT easy to give herpes to someone.

As per the pool and jacuzzi, there is so much Chlorine that it would kill any virus on contact.

If you are having an outbreak, just ensure that you dont share a towel that has been in contact with your OB.

as per your hands, when did you get the cuts? could it be just because your hands are dry? try to moisturize them few times a day.

and No, you will not give herpes to someone by salsa dancing with them;

No worries!Go Enjoy life and just check that when you are in the prodome or blister stage, that your sore do not enter in direct contact with someone mouth/genitals.

There is no issue with getting a massage;

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I'm struggling emotionally too, trust me, it's hard. But that doesn't mean you have to stop doing the things you love :) And keep in mind that the virus has a VERY short life span outside of the body. Don't be afraid!

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Hi Xela and Anon Girl, I am back from my vacation thanks for getting back to me. I should have elaborated more in my earlier e-mail, I've noticed a change in my skin, tiny bumps underneath my cuticle and cuts on my hand it's been approx 1-2 years since I've noticed this and I realize there is whitlow however, I don't know how one goes about getting a diagnosis for something like this. I can tell by your response that you suspect I am just paranoid but I know my body very well and although my hands are very dry I suspect the dryness may be a direct result from hsv. Honestly I believe it is far easier to transmit this disease to other body parts without knowing you have done so right away than what I have been told by doctors etc. If one can get this in the genital region how does the virus escape one's hands? Those genital parts are touched repeatedly with ones hands during intimacy yet not many mention this. I don't want anyone to suffer the way that I have and continue to.

Thanks enormously for your input.

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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