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Giving in

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Hello to everyone here, I hope things work out well for you.

I haven't been diagnosed. I am in Vancouver, and herpes is not something that is well treated here. I was told the test is inconclusive, and that's why it's not covered by any healthcare plan.

I've read that herpes can effect people differently. I don't have blisters, although I've had redness and small sores around my mouth, and stinging genital areas for two years now. My bottom lip continues to crust over, and peel. I know that sounds like it could be many other things. I've talked to my doctor about it 30 times, and he has no idea. I'd go to another doctor but there are no doctors in Vancouver taking new patients. I've been to two dermatoligists (6 months wait each) and they just shrug and say, "I don't know." I don't think they have ever dealt with a person with herpes. I've had tests for every thing they could think of, all negative.

I'm giving in and accepting it's probably herpes. I had a brief drunk affair with a shady young lady, and that's when this started.

I'm going to ask my doctor to just prescribe the herpes treatment and see if there is any improvement. It can't hurt?

I've read some posts here. There are some people who have herpes and have a relationship where the partner knows. That would be the best situation considering the circumstances. As long as you have someone to be with you can get through it together.

When you are single, with problems with your face, it's like torture. I hope I can meet some understanding people here.

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This is a good place to start, lots of understanding, supportive people around here!

Keep pushing for answers, I know it's exhausting and it's hard, but don't give up!

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