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Diagnosed Recently!! Okay with it?

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Hi everyone, I just signed up a couple of days ago and finally figured out how to post. I was diagnosed with G-HSV1 after going to the doctor because my boyfriend is a bit aggressive in bed and I thought he had torn me up. Well he did, and the doctor gave me an ointment and said to come back in 3 days. Well I felt so much better I almost skipped out since I'm a new grad with no insurance. I did go though, and he took one look and said "yup that's herpes" and "people that get this diagnosis want to commit suicide but it isn't that bad."

Yeahhhh, great bedside manner. I was shocked of course because he didn't even say anything like that was happening down there on Monday. He then said to not even send the viral culture because it was definitely herpes and the test was expensive. When he left me the nurse said for me to send it, and I was like hell yes I want to send.

Anyway that's my story. I was sickened by it all, especially since the day after I was leaving for a trip with my boyfriend and family. I think my boyfriend did give it to me even though it can be a dormant infection. The doctor said I got it when I had had intercourse with my boyfriend the week before and was feeling burning and torn down there. I'm going to assume he's right although I have been with several other men. My boyfriend has also been extremely sexually active so this may make me horrible but I'm assuming he is most likely to contract an STD and me of course being trusting and plain dumb didn't think of anything when he doesn't use a condom.

Oy geez! Long message but just wanted to introduce myself. Feeling good at the moment, little itchy, but I can deal, it might have been that arginine-filled nutella I ate last night! :eek:

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Hi and welcome dlove, thanks for sharing your story. I'm glad to hear that you are coping with it pretty well.

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • valleynovascotia
      Any advice on on how i can change the way she thinks of her insecurities in the event I ever see her again or hang out with her or do you guys think that it's better too just walk away. The truth is though i never met another girl like her before and she was fine with me having herpes i could tell by the she reacted too it . How do you change the way someone views them self that has low self esteem. 
    • WilsoInAus
      Note @Asr624 that an IgM result does not confirm a herpes diagnosis. Was the rash swabbed as well?
    • LiveLife100
      Yes it's entirely possible that he didn't know and just now gave it to you. I've been with my husband almost 19 years and he was recently tested and is still negative. It's still possible of course that I could give it to him at any point. Sounds like you have a strong marriage and there is no reason this needs to be an issue other than a minor annoyance. I have 2 healthy children and have had no related medical issues due to HSV.
    • Hellothere123
      I have been with him and didn’t tell him and now I can’t tell him because I know it would ruin any chance of reconciliation. I don’t want to live with this and I don’t want to live without him 
    • Asr624
      I am so sorry that happened to you. No one deserves that. Praying for you. 

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