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rainy day

I'm confused about the bloodtests...hope I'm makin sense here!

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rainy day

Can someone shed some light in my direction please?:mrgreen:

I had 3 bloodtests done at my doc appt on Monday...one for HSV-1(i think I got that rightlol) which I know I'll be positive for since I get coldsores on my mouth. Also for HSV-2, and some other test that would show if my immune system was battling an infection. Sorry, I don't know the specific name of that one.

I've been reading that (1) is for the upperbody...coldsores ect and then (2) is for the lower half of the body...genitals. But I swear I read on a post here that someone was tested to have (1) down below. How does that work? How can that be proven and what does that mean? That someone with a coldsore gave it to that person? Is it better to have (1) down there than (2)?

I'm a bit confused about that and I want to make sure I understand what my results mean when I get them. If I just get a HSV-1 positive then does that mean I have HSV down there? or not?

See, I told you I was confused! :mrgreen:

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It IS confusing....

Genital herpes can be hsv2 or hsv1. Most commonly , it is hsv2 but the hsv1 genital herpes is increasing because it is passed by oral sex and a lot of people do not know that.

Hsv 2 is usually, but not always, the "downstairs" kind of herpes. Hsv1 is usually the "upstairs" type of herpes but both types can present in the reverse of their typical locations. The way to tell what type you have is a blood test and the way to tell where it is located on the body is to have an outbreak swabbed.

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • Carguy
      I wish you luck my friend! It’d be nice to find something! The only two things I’ve ever tested positive for during this whole mess was a fungal infection in the groin creases, found by biopsy, and the nerve biopsy found nerve damage. I just hate thinking I’m unluncky enough to have HSV1 which is suppose to be the most tame where supposedly people have few if any problems with it, and mine have been endless! Do you have extremely sweaty scrotum and inner thighs when you wake up and periodically throughout the day? That’s been driving me nuts!
    • Thomas29
      This was about 10 mins ago I tried squeezing it to see if anything came out of it, it also didn’t hurt sorry for the pics I am also on my period so it isn’t going to be nice, I’m sorry for this !:(
    • Thomas29
      Pic of half hour ago 
    • Thomas29
      Sorry to bombard your post hun but I’ve got a cut too on my vagina (labia) I shaved the night previous and the next day I had an itch so I itched with but I didn’t put my hand down their I used my knickers and all of a sudden I felt an irratation so I went to go have a look and I found this, it doesn’t hurt when touched and doesn’t hurt when I pee I can sit around and stuff, is this the same thing as yours? I’m going insane right now I’ve got health anxiety I want to cry thinking I have herpes 1st pic is what it was like when I looked first  2nd pic is when I got out the shower  3rd pic is now  and 4th pic is when I tried squeezing it to see if anything came out of it ( it never hurt either)  After shower pic 
    • Peonyrose
      That is exactly what mine look like (on one side of labia anyway) and the rest are kind of dark red flat pimple bumps 

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