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Not sure, but all the signs say yes

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Ok, here's the situation. Exactly 3 months ago i had sexual intercourse with a pro in Brazil. I used a condom and immediately washed my genital region thoroughly in the shower.

I know it was stupid and was paranoid for a while reading up on all STD's i could of possibly caught from the encounter, it was like sex education all over again. Anyways, 3 months went by and i didn't see any signs of trouble and even took an at-home HIV test approved by the FDA and it came back clear, ( i plan to take another one )

About 2 weeks ago i ordered an escort to my apt and received oral sex with a condom. There couild of been a chance that her lips touched my pubic region, i also immediately washed my genital region.

Anyways, this past tuesday i felt a bump on my pubic region under my pubic hair. Itts like it appeared out of no wherre with no warning signs.

I shaved my pubic hair off and could see a single red bump that i didn't know what to make of. I have had acne down there here and there but i never noticed antyingg like this. I guess its hurts a bit if i touch it but the physical symptoms are very mild.

After reading up on this site and others about herpes i kinda learned a bit and had a few questions.

First off is it possible to get a first outbreak after 90 days of the point of infection and can getting the first outbreak after so long tell me what type of herpes it is, 1 or 2?

I just hope if i do have it that i have type 1 down there which is less mild i hear. I have a pretty strong immune system and rarely get sick and pray to god that i'm one of the rare few that rarely see an outbreak.

i'll probably wait a few months and get a herpes test because i hear it takes a few months for the antibodies to show up.

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Given the low risk exposures and symptoms, I'd say this is unlikely to be herpes, but you can get a blood test to be sure. It will tell you whether it's type 1 or 2, or clear. You may already have type 1 anyway, as most people do, so a positive for type 1 will not necessarily mean you have genital herpes.

It's pointless to have another HIV test done. If there have been no more exposures after the Brazilian pro, you are 100% HIV-negative.

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