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Hand Sanitizer

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Does hand sanitizer kill the herpes virus? If so, is it just the alcohol based ones?

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Yes they do, because alcohol with a content of 70% kills the HSV virus within seconds. Therefore when you buy a hand sanitizer, lookout for the one which is more then 70% alcohol or 70%

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    • Cah2016
      Thank you for that info! I did read something about the igg so I will definitely bring that up. Do u know if that is automatically looked at or do I have to request?
    • Skatie24
      Hi there, I'm a 27 year old mum of two who suffers badly from coldsores. I've been getting them for about 9 years now but recently they're becoming more frequent, I can't get a break from them. They're starting to make me feel dirty and I'm feeling embarrassed by them. Can anyone give me any tips on how to prevent them breaking out,they're also so painful,I get more than one at a time and also in my nose. So bloody over them! I'm so happy in my life hardly ever stressed and try to eat a balanced diet with regular exercise. Help!  
    • WilsoInAus
      As you can see, this is 75% inference. I actually do not disagree with it though, the argument is very plausible. However as you can also see, this confirms that herpes DOES NOT cause nerve damage! Thanks for posting that @Seeker1960 that is exactly the one I recall that summarises Dr Halford's view perfectly. But that isn't the point. The first point is that SJW should always be mentioned in conjunction with the fact that it cannot be taken in conjunction with birth control. Luckily people on here such as @Sanguine108 are not medical professionals or have much medical knowledge otherwise they would be the subject of medical malpractice actions. Next, nerve regeneration is not necessary for herpes as the nerves are not damaged. That is simply a figment of the imagination that perpetuates itself as a myth pretty much limited to dodgy websites that has little place on this credible one. Wouldn't you agree?
    • crookbristi
      @Felina88 I've had a very similar experience. A few months ago (maybe March/April) I woke up in the middle of the night with a terrible burning inside my vagina and I felt like I had to pee ALL of the time. I thought I had an UTI too. I couldn't fall back asleep or even lay comfortably because it was so painful. I found a pharmacy that was open and got the OTC pills for urinary tract infections. I took the dose and within about 15 minutes I did feel a lot better but my pee was a bright orange. I called the doc when they opened, was able to get in that afternoon, they tested me and I had no UTI. They thought it was possible I had a std (never mentioned herpes, it was more like chlamydia) and gave me a shot of antibiotics. That helped a ton. Tests came back negative for std's (but again no herpes check). They put me on an antibiotic for a week just in case I had a bacteria infection and that cleared up the burning feeling.  Now that I know I have hsv2, I'm almost positive this was a sign of an ob but because they didn't test me for it, I'll never know. And the antibiotics probably suppressed any other ob signs.  If the burning doesn't go away, I would suggest just an OTC UTI med for now. Get tested for an UTI (it's a simple pee test) and if it's negative, I would attribute this as a sign of an ob. 
    • Seeker1960
      @Sanguine108 In support of what you said; This is how Bill Halford responded to someone who had HSV related neuralgia. "Hi Corina,

      I believe that the “constant prodrome symptoms” you describe are what I would consider a form of neuralgia; that is, (1) a sensation of pain, itching, or burning in the anogenital region that was infected with HSV-2, and (2) which is completely disproportionate to what you can see externally.

      I am no neuroscientist, but my best guess is that this chronic neuralgia (chronic prodrome) is caused by inflammation in the sacral ganglia coming off the lower backbone. This is where latent HSV-2 lives….in neurons of the peripheral nervous system, and typically in the sacral ganglia coming off the lower segments of the backbone.

      An important thing to remember is that the neurons that HSV-2 infects are sensory neurons. The primary cell body of these neurons is in the sacral ganglia, but they send long thin axons (like a fiber optic cable) out to the anogenital region of your body and into the spinal column (where the signals are relayed to your brain). When you are healthy, these sensory neurons only send signals (i.e., fire off like spark plugs) when there is a legitimate sensory input from the skin / epithelium in your anogenital region. A “legitimate input” that should cause neuron firing is touch, pressure, heat, pain, etc. I believe that in people with HSV-2, prodrome / neuralgia are what happen when cells of the immune system attack the infected neurons in the sacral ganglia. These attacks and inflammation in the ganglia cause the neurons to “misfire” in a way that is completely disproportionate to what is happening on the outside. Nonetheless, your brain tries to interpret these neuronal misfirings, and I believe that it interprets them as pain, itching, and burning that is disproportionate to what is happening on the surface. In many ways I believe that this is similar to the post-herpetic neuralgia that people experience after shingles, but is not nearly as intense and debilitating as what happens after shingles (i.e., a recurrence of VZV infection).

      Not sure how much of that makes sense. The bottom line is that (1) constant prodrome symptoms probably means that your immune response is good enough to prevent HSV-2 reactivation events from causing recurrent lesions, a process that takes at least 5 days, but (2) your immune response is not good enough to immediately suppress HSV-2 reactivation events and the immune response that happens 3 or 4 days later drives inflammation in your sacral ganglia, and thus neuronal misfiring that tells your brain something itches or burns down there.

      Please feel free to tell me which parts of this explanation don’t add up, as my explanation is based on 25% facts and 75% inference.

      – Bill "
    • WilsoInAus
      Please provide studies that show that either herpes causes nerve damage that actually needs regeneration. Yes there is pain associated with herpes, but it has nothing to do with nerve damage and Dr Halford openly admits this. Please review his research, particularly around oxidative stress etc. but even Bill has not been able to prove actual nerve damage. He admits this in numerous posts to those posting to him. Neuralgia does not equate to nerve damage, it is a broader term that includes nerve damage and other pains and issues. Hence the question remains, just what does SJW do for herpes?
    • WilsoInAus
      Hey remember you are allowed as many enquiries as you like! When adults receive a primary HSV-1 infection, it is no mere trifle. You will get multiple blisters all around your mouth. A single tiny bump is a sign of a recurrent outbreak, not a primary. It is hence much more likely you had an ailment that brought on a recurrent outbreak. You cannot transmit this oral infection to your genitals, doesn't happen. Do you have a partner at present?
    • Mode
      I have red bumps on my throat. 
    • jay12121
      Hi, i just want to say thank you for even responding. Now i want to say that i am in no way challenging you, Im just trying to understand why you don't believe that my primary outbreak wasn't actually my first one. Do you think i got something else and it happened to awaken the virus? and lets say it was my first outbreak, with the time frame i gave you (its been about 4 months) am I safe to just touch myself anywhere with out fear? also i dont even have a blister since the one i had in late may, so is touching my lip and then possibly my private area means for transmission? this will honestly be my last inquiry, please answer them for me, im just really scared and ive never dealt with this before. thank you so so much!
    • jay12121
      Is it safe to assume that you can only get herpes from skin to skin contact? like in order to autoinoculate myself i would have had to have physically touched my lip and then another area of my body? can you get it from objects that touch your mouth? what are some other ways to transmit herpes? Im driving myself crazy. i cant stop thinking about all the possible ways i could possibly reinfect myself, i seriously can't settle these thoughts. 
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