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rainy day

I'm being obsessive!

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rainy day

How normal is this?

My one lone bump is going away and now everytime I feel a twinge I think oh no its more! I am a obsessive person by nature and am very much "in tune" with my body.

For instance, yesterday me, hubby and the kiddos went for a loong walk that ended up being about 4 miles. I started getting um, chaffed down there as I wasn't wearing the most comfortable underwear, plus its that time of the month (sorry TMI) I started getting a bit sore and itchy and I freaked out and as soon as I got home I took a oatmeal bath and had hubby check me with a mirror and flashlight!:rolleyes: There was nothing there but a red line on the inside I think where things had been rubbing together. I freaked out about it forever thinking I'm having another outbreak. THEN after the "inspection" (lol) I went and poured peroxide on a towel and blotted down there in case it was something and all the pulling and touching we did, I didn't want to spread it. :eek: I mean, how crazy does that sound!!!! Today I'm sore down there and I believe its from all the walking plus all the things I put down there (oatmeal, ect)

If this had happened before having this outbreak I wouldn't have thought twice about it! How frustrating for me!

But I can't stop worrying about it.

Does this go away with time, I don't want to worry about this 24/7. I think because this is so new that I'm having a hard time dealing and of course obsessing but I want to get on with it. I don't want to spend the rest of my life worrying about when the next outbreak is going to be and if I've spreaded it to other places. OMG. How do ya'll do deal with this part of it?

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