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Are soybeans and soy products (IE Tofu) high in Lysine, or high in Arginine?

Or both?

The Lysine foodchart listed on the righthand side of this forum places Soybean/Soyproducts in the Arginine rich list, while this website (http://www.ehow.com/way_5165033_lysine-herpes-treatment.html) lists the same items as being Lysine rich.

Someone out there must know, or at least be more internet-search savvy than I. Ntdc, I'm looking in your direction.

Edit: Rich in both, apparently? Avoiding arginine is pretty goddamn hard on a Japanese diet. Sesame seeds are in essentially everything, soybean too.

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Hi trying,

I will try to find a more accurate answer to this once and for all. Once we do, we will update our information to make it more clear and correct.


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Soy products

Hi trying,

I have done a little bit of research on this and what I have found so far is that there seems to be a high amount of both lysine and arginine in soy beans and soy products, with possibly a slightly higher arginine content than lysine. However, I would like to find some more sources to verify this information.

Lysine has the ability to slow down the body's production of arginine, the amino acid required by the herpes virus to replicate and become active.

So theoretically, when a food contains roughly the same amount of both of these amino acids (like soy products may) it really should not have any major influence on herpes.

The other thing to consider is that the arginine and lysine food ratios are only one tiny fragment of how nutrition, the body and the herpes virus work together. I think it is important not to put too much focus on this theory because you may limit yourself of other foods which can be highly beneficial in other areas of your health, like foods that could have antiviral or immune enhancing properties.

For example, I once read on a website that people with HSV should avoid broccoli because it is high in arginine :???:. Well I am not sure if it is particularly high in arginine, but on the flip side broccoli is reported to have magnificent qualities in fighting off HSV infections so it is not something I would miss on account of reducing a little extra arginine.

See article here: http://www.webmd.com/genital-herpes/news/20030915/broccoli-may-thwart-herpes-virus

Coconuts are another example. They may be somewhat rich in arginine but they also contain potentially powerful antiviral agents, such as monolaurin, which could be beneficial in reasonable amounts.

I believe that the most sensible way to approach nutrition where H is involved is to eat a healthy, balanced diet and just cut back on some of the excessively high arginine rich foods, like chocolate, protein shakes and nuts, and then assess if this helps. Some people can eat whatever arginine rich foods they like without being affected so just gage how it helps you personally.


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I just wanted to bump this. When it comes to protein itself I find it a little confusing on which sort of proteins we can switch out or which we should focus on. I read that it would be better to focus on poultry proteins but red meats may be next best while pork is worst?????

In addition, if soy is a protein itself, I guess keeping that balanced in a diet is good? I know people like to use soy over dairy. What are your opinions, HC Support Team, on supplementing soy over dairy or over meats? I just picked up a soya drink which contains wheat germ and soy but its a non-dairy creamer that can be added to coffee and tea.

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • Nietzsche
      Anyone heard of this research before? Dutch professor promoted in September 2017 on it and had some interesting results on patients with severe HSV1 symptoms. (last alinea) "Healing severe cold sore
      Arts achieved a remarkable success in research into three patients with a herpes infection. An infection with a herpes virus is common and leads to, for example, a cold sore. In the three patients, the symptoms were much heavier with ulcers throughout the face. Genetic research yielded three different genetic defects, but functional research showed that all three patients had a shortage of the antibody interferon gamma (IFN-γ). This explained the severe symptoms. A treatment in which the shortage of IFN-γ was abolished, caused the symptoms to disappear like snow in the sun for all three patients." (its in Dutch but you can translate by right clicking) 
      https://www.radboudumc.nl/nieuws/2017/exoom-verklapt-oorzaak-afweerstoornis "Immunologic defects in severe mucocutaneous HSV-2 infections: Response to IFN-γ therapy"
    • honey120
      Which video dear
    • Mrspinkk
      If it works for shingles, I think it is beneficial in herpes. I do not want to lose hope. Do you have any idea how we can reach you?   If it works for shingles, I think it is beneficial in herpes. I do not want to lose hope. Do you have any idea how we can reach you?
    • Number212
      Do you have some irritation or itching ?do you feel tired ?  If not your fine don't worry
    • f*ckedOver

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