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David Knipe Lab herpes vaccine: An interview

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Cure Coming Soon

Meet The Scientist has a fascinating interview with David Knipe of Harvard University. Knipe is developing a vaccine against HSV-2.

Knipe discusses the challenges that researchers have faced in developing a vaccine against the virus, and explains why his new vaccine may be an answer. Knipe’s vaccine has been shown to protect animals who are yet to be exposed to the virus, and also reduce symptomatic disease in those who are already carrying the virus. Acambis are now developing the vaccine for clinical trials in humans.

Knipe also talks about the increasing social acceptance of vaccines against sexually transmitted conditions.

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Interesting. Acambis has already been working on this for over a year and a half (Feb 08 seems like). Wonder where this vaccine is right now? Seems like no new media posts have been made by Acambis since Feb 08. I also see that Sanofi Pasteur bought Acambis in Sept 08. I guess that should be a good thing? given they are big and can afford expensive trials and doesn't seem like they have any competing interest (such as a patented herpes suppressive treatment from which they generate billions) to stifle this research.

Anyone have any clues as to whether human Phase 1 trials have begun ? Quoting from their website "The process to develop a new vaccine can take between 14 and 25 years with an overall cost of between $300 million and $1 billion."

Also, it seems like it reduces severity for already infected individuals which is quite promising. We could potentially see this launch within 15 years. Anyone have any opinions on this?

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • AnonF
      I am fortunate enough to live near one of the most prestigious hospitals in the USA that rates high in infectious disease diagnosis & treatment. I went to a specialist and asked direct questions including about casual sex. Firstly, I have ghsv1. She said: Casual sex is NOT off the table. When someone chooses to have casual sex, they are accepting the risk of contracting an STI. There is no obligation to disclose in this situation unless going without a condom. The risk is extremely low from a one time protected encounter . Don't do it if you are having symptoms. If you have sex with this person repeatedly, especially if you go without protection then you should disclose. If someone rejects you for it she says he's an asshole and a germaphobe. Because it's no big deal
    • Quest
      I wanted to validate your choice. He saying 500mg. Plus he was saying it was his favorite for HSV. 
    • HSV-1
      Immediately after it clears Phase 3, they might price Pritelivir in an exorbitant fashion and only prescribe it to immunodeficient patients (AIDS). I'm also curious how fast HSV is expected to evolve resistance against Pritelivir.
    • AnonF
      So I disclosed for the first time last week. I was feeling confident after reading all of the positive disclosure stories out there. I was armed with the stats and presented the information in a calm manner as recommended. I was happy to find out that the guy already had a lot of knowledge about it because had an ex w the same issue. It was nice to have sex without having to worry about harboring a secret, I felt normal for once   I got a text from him in the AM and I was hoping for the usual "had a great time, can't wait to see you again" but instead he was blithering on about being paranoid about the contact. We exchanged one more message that day, and today I sent one, no response..... pretty certain I've been ghosted.  I am back to that dark place where I feel like I'm unlovable / unfuckable dreg of society. I'm a single parent which doesn't help, nobody wants a relationship w someone like me... add the herpes and I might as well be a 400 lb amputee on welfare with an IQ of 70. I feel like I am going to have to eventually "settle" for someone that is willing to be with me, but I don't really like them. I feel that a man that is willing to accept this is probably an unwanted outcast himself.  So ultimately I fear I will have nobody, or settle for a guy that disgusts me
    • jxc1337
      Maybe I should up my intake of olive leaf? 

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